Bulgaria (1908-1946, Kingdom)

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The relation between Bulgaria and Germany, already existed during the First World War. The country participated in this war on the side of Germany from October 1915.
After the start of the Second World War, Bulgaria received a part of Dobrudcha by diplomacy of Germany. King Boris III visited Berlin on November 18th 1940, to negotiate taking part in the war on Germany’s side. Not long after that, Bulgaria declares war on Greece, Yugoslavia, Great Britain and the United States. However, Bulgaria did not declare war on the Soviet Union and refused to send troops to the Eastern Front. Yet it did take over the guarding of the Black Sea from the German Luftwaffe.

When on August 18th 1943 King Boris III died and his immature son Simeon II took over, the country declared war on the Soviet Union. Three days later Soviet troops invaded the country and already on October 28th 1944, the Bulgarian government signed a ceased fire agreement with the Soviet Union. In 1946 the King was dethroned and the country became a Communist nation.
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