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Brasil was part of the Alliance against het Axis from 1942 until 1945. Some 25.000 men were send with the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) and 42 pilots with 400 men with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) to the European Theatre of war. They mostly operated at the Italian Front.

The losses for the Air Force were as known:
2nd Lieutenants John Lamb Richardson and Smith were killed in action on the outskirts of Bologna, on November 6th, 1944.
2nd Lieutant John Mauricio Campos de Medeiros was killed in action, near Alessandria, on January 2nd, 1945.
1st Lieutenant Aurelio Vieira Sampaio was shot down near Milan, on January 2nd, 1945.
Asp. Reserve Gustavo Frederico dos Santos was killed by the explosion of a deposit by him destroyed, north of Casarea, on April 22nd, 1945.
1st Lieutenant Luiz Lopes Dornelles was killed in action in Scandiano, on April 22nd, 1945.

The Group lost four officers, victims of aviation accidents in areas of war operations, namely:
2nd Lieutenant Dante Gastaldoni Isidore, on May 18th, 1944, Agua Dulce, Panama Canal.
2nd Lieutenant Oldegard Sapucaia Olsen, on November 7th, 1944 in Tarquinia Italy.
1st Lieutenants Small Waldyr Rittmeister and Rolando de Mello, on November 16th, 1944, in Tarquinia, Italy.
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