Poland (1990-present, IIIrd Republic)

list of awards

When looking at the Polish medals for the Second World War, we can see four different periods. Before the Second World War, until the German occupation, we have the Second Polish Republic. During the Second World War the Poles had their forces partly in the West and partly in the Soviet Union. The Polish Government in exile in London decided which decorations were awarded. From 1944 we however get the People’s Republic of Poland, that began instituting its own decorations. Finally since the collapse of the Soviet Union we have a new Polish Republic from 1990 on.

Third Polish Republic
In 1990 the Poles freed themselves from the Soviet ruling. The Government in Exile was no longer a necessity and several orders and decorations were re-instituted or taken over frojm the former London Government.

Order of Precedence of the most important decorations of the Third Republic:

1. Order of the White Eagle
2. Order Virtuti Militari
3. Order Polonia Restituta
4. Order of Merit
5. Cross of Valor
6. Cross of Merit with Swords
7. Cross of Merit
8. Cross of Merit for Bravery
9. Medal for Sacrifice and Courage
10. Medal for Long Marital Life
11. Cross for War 1918-1921
12. Army Medal for War 1939-1945
13. Air Force Medal for War 1939-1945
14. Navy Medal for War 1939-1945
15. Merchant Marine Medal for War 1939-1945
16. Cross of September Campaign 1939
17. Monte Cassino Cross
18. Home Army Cross
19. Peasant Battalions Cross
20. National Military Action Cross
21. Battle of Bzura Cross (project)
22. Partisan Cross
23. Polish Armed Forces in the West Military Action Cross
24. Auschwitz Cross
25. War Medal 1939
26. Silesian Uprising Cross
27. Great Poland Uprising Cross
28. Warsaw Uprising Cross
29. Battle of Lenino Cross
30. Warsaw Medal 1939-1945
31. Oder, Neisse and Baltic Medal
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