Name:  Bennett, Dudley Arthur Carlton (Service number: 329795)
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  British
15 June, 1941: Emergency Commission as 2nd Lieutenant - Intelligence Corps - Egypt Section
23 June, 1946: Commission relinquished & granted honorary rank of Major
Rank: Temporary Major
Unit: Intelligence Corps
Awarded on: August 2nd, 1945
Action: Citation (general):
"In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field."
Rank: Temporary Major
Unit: Intelligence Corps (MI6)
Awarded on: December 13th, 1945
Action: Major Bennett was posted to I.S.L.D. (Inter-Service Liaison Department, British (SIS/MI6 in Middle East and Far East)) early in 1942 to collect and edit political reports on secret activities in Syria. He made such a successful study of problems in the Near East that in January 1943 he was appointed chief representative of the British Secret Service in Iraq.

Continuing in the service he was later transferred to take charge of secret intelligence activities in Greece during the enemy occupation. He made his headquarters in Smyrna and the information reaching Allied Forces from Greece during the last few months of German occupation was described by AHQ as "Compelling of a triumph for ISLD". Bennett landed in Greece with the British Forces on D-Day and quickly established a new secret organisation in Athens. As a result he was able to supply valuable information both before and during the ELAS rebellion. He was also charged with the duty of establishing channels of communication between th Commander of British Forces and E.L.A.S. leaders and it was through these secret contacts made under dangerous circumstances, that terms of settlement were reached.

Bennett has proved himself an exceptional leader and by his initiative and energy over a period of three years has materially increased the value and efficiency of secret intelligence in this theatre."
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