Name:  Burnand, Lewis George (Service number: 37847)
Date of birth: May 14th, 1913
Date of death:  August 14th, 1949
Nationality:  Irish
Lewis Burnand joined the RAF in January 1936 and as posted to No. 208 Squadron at Heliopolis, Egypt in 1937 and was there at the outbreak of war. Burnard flew flying Westland Lysander reconnaissance aircraft and Hawker Hurricane fighters on army co-operation duties in the North African Campaign and the Greek Campaign of 1941.
In 1942 he left the squadron, being posted to Middle East Tactical Command at Lydda and then being promoted to Wing Commander he assumed command of No. 240 Wing in July, 1942 followd by 285 Wing and several other posts during and after the war serving mainly in the Middle East.
Burnand was killed in an air crash at Ankara Airfield on 14th August 1949.

18 May, 1936: Acting Pilot Officer on probation
23 March, 1937: Pilot Officer
23 October, 1938: Flying Officer
15 July, 1939: Acting Flight Lieutenant
3 September, 1940: Flight Lieutenant
1 December, 1941: Temporary Squadron Leader
20 April, 1942: Squadron Leader (war sub)
1 July, 1944: Temporary Wing Commander
21 November, 1945: Wing Commander (war sub)
1 September, 1945: appointment to commission as Squadron Leader (permanenet)
Rank: Flight Lieutenant
Unit: No. 208 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on: July 15th, 1941
Action: Recommendation:
"This officer has been flying operationally in Egypt, Libya and Greece since the outbreak of war with Italy. Until December 1940 he carried out numerous reconnaissance’s both tactical and artillery over the enemy. At the beginning of December 1 Flight was equipped with Hurricanes, and Flight Lieutenant Burnand has carried out 62 tactical reconnaissance’s on the above type of aircraft during the last five months making a total of 145 hours during which time he was often subjected to intense anti-aircraft and small arms fire and always flying alone over or well behind the enemy lines. For five months he has commanded the hurricane flight. During operations in Greece Flight Lieutenant Burnand carried out reconnaissance’s under extremely difficult conditions. He performed the last reconnaissance by aircraft based in Greece on the only remaining Hurricane aircraft. During the entire period the squadron has been operating on active service, Flight Lieutenant Burnand has shown a keenness and strength of personality which has been a most creditable example to all other pilot’s of the Squadron. By his cheerfulness and untiring energy both in the air and on the ground displayed over a period of ten months operations it may be said that he is largely responsible for the high standard of morale and efficiency established. In the flight which he commands, both with regard to officer’s and men."
Rank: Flight Lieutenant
Awarded on: September 24th, 1941
Rank: Acting Wing Commander
Awarded on: January 2nd, 1942
Action: Citation:
"Because as a Captain of a Squadron of fighter’s during the Greek Italian War in Greece you showed excellent character and courageous against the enemy."
Details: Award approved 29 December, 1942.
The award would not be sent to his next-of-kin till 1951.
Rank: Acting Wing Commander
Awarded on: June 8th, 1944
Rank: Acting Group Captain
Awarded on: January 1st, 1946
1939-1945 STAR
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