Name:  Allen, John Henry (Service number: 904882 (NCO)/ 142911 (Officer))
Date of birth: June 17th, 1920 (Carshalton/Surrey, United Kingdom)
Date of death:  September 21st, 1995
Nationality:  British
? Flight Sergeant
7 January, 1943: Pilot Officer on Probation (emergency)
12 July, 1943: Flying Officer on Probation (war sub)
12 January, 1945: Flight Lieutenant (war sub)
Rank: Flight Sergeant
Unit: No. 83 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on: December 29th, 1942
Action: Recommendation (drawn up 30 October, 1942 when he had flown 35 sorties, 175,10 flying hours):
"In July 1942, Flight Sergeant Allen took part as Bomb aimer in a daylight attack on the port of Danzig. Despite the most unfavourable weather conditions, this attack was succesfully carried out at low level and it was largely due to the most excellent map-reading and bomb aiming which he displayed that this mission was successfully completed in the face of the most difficult conditions.
Again, in the same month, he took part in a daylight attack on the heavily defended town of Essen. Despite the fact that cloud cover completely failed on the enemy coast, this attack was pressed home to the target and by his skilful map-reading and subsequent accurate bombing, the target was attcked successfully. This was accomplished despite the most intense engagement by flak during the whole period spent in the Ruhr. Severe damage was inflicted to the aircraft which subsequently returned on two engines. Despite the hazardous conditions and the damage inflicted before bombing, Flight Sergeant Allen never flinched in his duty of guiding the aircraft to the aiming point and carried out his bombing calmly and efficiently. Again, on the return to this country, the aircraft was engaged by fighters and again damaged and the rear gunner seriously wounded. The engagement by fighters lasted some 35 minutes and most violent evasive action was taken by the pilot. Despite all these harassing conditions, Flight Sergeant Allen kept a careful check of position and subsequently aided the Navigator and set a course for base when the attacks were over. Conditions of very low cloud and rain were met on returning to this country and again the aircraft was flying with difficulty on two engines. Flight Sergeant Allen's excellent map-reading in extremely poor conditions of bad visibility and rain enabled the aircraft to return to base with the minimum delay. The crew of which this Bomb Aimer is a member has been consistendly successful in finding and bombing targets and bringing back excellent photographs. It is undoubtedly due to the skill and determination of Flight Sergeant Allen that these sorties have been so successful and his captain cannot speak too highly of his Bomb Aimer's skill and courage.
Flight Sergeant Allen has now completed 35 sorties, many being the most heavily defended targets in Germany. His operational record is most excellent and he is undoubtedly a Bomb Aimer of the highest quality and skill and has contributed in no small way to many successful attacks, both before and during his present duties with the P.F.F.

Remarks by Commander, Path Finder Force:
"This N.C.O's record of consistent excellence in operations under all conditions is exceptional. I strongly recommend him for the non-immediate award of the D.F.M."
Rank: Flight Sergeant
Unit: No. 83 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on: May 14th, 1943
Action: Recommedation (drafted 20th March, 1943):
"This N.C.O. has now completed 48 operational sorties involving a total of 260 hours, 42 of which have been done as Bomb Aimer. Throughout, his keenness to operate and his determination to press home his attack has been an excellent example to his colleagues. His map-reading and bomb aiming have been of the highest standard while many of the attacks have been carried out at low level on the most heavily defended targets. This N.C.O. has carried out three daylight sorties against the "Scharnhorst", Danzig and Essen and on each occasion the aircraft was badly damaged by flak. When he had completed 19 sorties, he joined the Path Finder Force and he has obtained some very good photographs whilst his map-reading enabled his pilot to make very accurate attacks. In December 1942, he was Bomb Aimer in an aircraft detailed to attack Frankfurt. Shortly after taking off, one engine had to be stopped and over the target area, the aircraft was heavily engaged and held by searchlights, but Flight Sergeant Allen, by his coolness and determination to attack, not only gave his captain the necessary evasive action instructions but also directed him to the target area where the objective was successfully located and bombed. During the last four months, he has been assisting the Bombing Leader and he has been an invaluable help to the squadron. His courage and devotion to duty have been the highest and I recommend him for a Bar to the Distinguished Flying Medal."
Details: Second DFM awarded as a bar.
1939-1945 STAR
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- Corinne Mitchell
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