Name:  Arbon, Paul Wade (Service number: 41893)
Date of birth: February 8th, 1921 (London, Great Britain)
Date of death:  November 21st, 1968 (France)
Nationality:  British
15 April, 1939: Acting Pilot Officer on Probation
6 November, 1939: Pilot Officer on Probation
16 January, 1940: joined No. 16 Squadron
6 February, 1940: Pilot Officer
8 April, 1940: joined the Squadron to France with Lysanders
19 May, 1940: Squadron withdrawn to the UK
8 September, 1940: joined for Fighter Command
26 September, 1940: joined No. 85 Squadron
6 November, 1940: Flying Officer
6 November, 1941: Flight Lieutenant (war sub)
15 June, 1942: left the squadron to 54 OTU Charter Hall as an instructor
31 January, 1943: joined No. 29 Squadron
29 April, 1944: Acting Wing Commander
17 July, 1944: Squadron Leader (war sub)
11 July, 1944: Station Commander RAF Bradwell Bay
22 March, 1945 stationed to RAF Hunsdon to command
April 1945: appointed to a staff job at HQ Transport Command
11 June, 1945: posted to 216 Group, Heliopolis, taking command of 249 Wing at Bari two weeks later.
23 January, 1949: granted an extension of service in Class " A " for five years, rank of Squadron Leader relinquished
23 January, 1954: period of service extended by five years

After he was released, Arbon started an Auction and Estate Agency business in Hertfordshire. In 1967 he was elected as first President of the National Association of Estate Agents. The Association's HQ in Warwick is called Arbon House.

He died on 21st November 1968 after a car accident in France.
Rank: Acting Squadron Leader
Unit: No. 29 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on: April 14th, 1944
Rank: Acting Wing Commander
Awarded on: June 8th, 1944
Rank: Wing Commander
Awarded on: April 20th, 1948
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