Name:  Alten, van, J.P.
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  Dutch (1815-present, Kingdom)
Awarded on: January 2nd, 1950
Action: Recommendation:
He has distinguished himself in the face of the enemy in January 1944 by joining an important military intelligence team in occupied Holland as co worker and as such for having performed reconnaissances in an acute and bold manner. In particular by having gathered valuable information on the military situation on Walcheren and in western Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and also for having distinguished himself in armed combat during the liberation of Vlissingen. Furthermore by having made himself available once more in 1945 for a hazardous reconnaissance mission in western Germany, traveling from liberated Holland to occupied central Holland and crossing the river Ijssel, which was blocked by the enemy into eastern Holland which was then being liberated however and promised radio-operators had not arrived. By this conduct, he has rendered valuable services to the Allied war effort and the Dutch government.
Details: KB no 9
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