Name:  Allard, Jean-Baptiste
Date of birth: April 25th, 1904 (Avessac/Loire-Inférieure, France)
Date of death:  1984
Nationality:  French
Rank: Sous-Lieutenant (Pilot Officer)
Action: Recommendation:
"This officer was dropped in September 1943 as the wireless operator to the Military Delegate in command of fourteen departments of North Western France, including OVELORD lodgment area. He developed, under conditions of continued and imminent danger, qualities of leadership of a high order.

The intelligence supplied by him in respect of V1 sites, troop movements etc. was the basis of succesful bombing attacks; on and around D-day his liaison with the F.F.I (Forces Françaises de l'Intérieur red.) and his leadership of guereilla actions by the resistance groups, particulary against the railways, in addition to maintaining difficult and hazardous contact with London, were of great value.
When the two military delegates of the region were forced into hiding, Lt. Allard carried on and completed the destruction of his D-day targets in the important area. So succesful were his activities that his own group was singled out for attack and Lt. Allard was in action until, the bridge-head had been assured, instructions were received from London to revert from guerilla activities ti sabotage; in implementation of these instructions the Caen power lines were among the targets succesfully attacked. Lt. Allard let his group in continuous sabotage until a fina phase of guerilla activity broke out when the area was completely cleared.

In recognition of his gallant and resourceful action is it recommended that Lt. Allard be awarded the Military Cross."
CROIX DE GUERRE (1939-1945)
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