Name:  Adams, Reginald Arthur (Service number: 120400)
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  British
? Pilot Officer
October 1st, 1942: Flying Officer (probation/war sub)
January 30th, 1944: Flight Lieutenant (war sub)
Rank: Flight Lieutenant
Unit: No. 515 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on: January 1st, 1944
Action: Group Citation:
"One night in October, 1944, these officers and airmen took part in an operation involving a mine-laying mission.
Their task, which necessitated a high degree of skill and perfect co ordination, was to detract the concentrated fire of the defences. Gun positions and search light defences were relentlessly attacked and a number of them put out of action.
The results obtained reflect the greatest credit on the ability and resolution displayed by these officers and airmen, whose efforts contributed materially to the success of a hazardous mission."
Details: Awarded simultaneously to:
Flying Officer John Roy Lake
Pilot Officer Terrence Alfred Kenneth Groves
Pilot Officer Robert Edwin Preston
Pilot Officer Frederick Henry Ruffle
Flight Sergeant Robert Bell Dockeray
Flight Sergeant Fred Verity
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Information source(s):   - Third Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 35809 published on the 1 December 1942
- Fourth Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 36361 published on the 1 February 1944
- Third Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 36820 published on the 28 November 1944
- Morton and Eden
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