Name:  Aries, Ellis Walter (Service number: 741835/79555)
Date of birth: Unknown
Date of death:  1976
Nationality:  British
Ellis Walter Aries was credited with shooting down five enemy airplanes and one shared victory.

?: Sergeant;
June 2nd, 1940: Pilot Officer on probation;
June 2nd, 1941: Pilot Officer;
June 2nd, 1941: Flying Officer (war subs.);
June 2nd, 1942: Flight Lieutenant (war subs.);
June 2nd, 1947: Flying Officer (seniority 1 april 1947).

1939 - juni 1940: training as Pilot;
June 1940 - July 5th, 1940: No. 263 Squadron;
July 5th, 1940: No. 602 Squadron.
Rank: Flight Lieutenant
Unit: No. 602 Squadron
Awarded on: January 1st, 1945
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- Ciel de Gloire
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