Name:  Arkel, van, Johan Albert
Date of birth: 1914
Nationality:  Dutch (1815-present, Kingdom)
January 1st, 1936: Reserve-Tweede Luitenant der Infanterie;
January 1st, 1940: Reserve-Eerste Luitenant;
May 1st, 1948: Reserve-Kapitein.
Rank: Reserve - eerste Luitenant (1st Lieutenant of Reserves)
Unit: II-10 Regiment Infanterie
Awarded on: November 12th, 1947
Action: Recommendation:
He has distinguished himself by courageous conduct against the enemy by:
1) having served with audacity under hostile fire in the period between May 11th-13th , 1940 as Commanding Officer of communications of II-10R.I. in the fortifications near Veenendaal-De Klomp and
2) having voluntarily performed special tasks, in particular having driven a Dutch armored vehicle through the closed area in a tactful manner
Details: Royal Decree No.26, dated November 12th, 1947.
Rank: Reserve - eerste Luitenant (1st Lieutenant of Reserves)
Unit: Wapen der Infanterie (Infantry)
Awarded on: December 14th, 1949
Action: Recommendation:
He has distinguished himself by performing especially courageous and tactful deeds in the fight against the enemy by joining an important military intelligence group as contributor in March 1943 and by acting as the leader of said group in October of the same year.
Further, after having improved the wireless communication with England, by extremely courageous conduct in September 1943 during a raid on a hostile Schnellboot in the fishing port of Scheveningen, initially enabling the raid to succeed and subsequently enabling an organised retreat when the engines of the Schnellboot failed.
Finally by continuing his intelligence work until he was captured at the end of November 1943. Thereby also having warned compromised members of the group in prison, even after his death sentence and having returned from a concentration camp after the capitulation of Germany.
By this conduct having rendered valuable services to the Allied war effort and to the Dutch Government.
Details: Royal Decree No.24, dated December 14th, 1949.
Details: awarded with 1 clasp
Details: XV
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Information source(s):   - MEIJER, H.G., Bronzen Leeuw, Bronzen Kruis, De Bataafsche Leeuw, Amsterdam, 1990.
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