Name:  Din, Fazal
Date of birth: July 1st, 1921 (Hussianpur Village/ Punjab, India)
Date of death:  March 2nd, 1945 (Meiktila, Burma)
Mentioned on:  Commonwealth Memorial of the Missing Rangoon
Grave: 49.
Nationality:  Indian
Naik Fazal Din served in the 10th Baluch Regiment from 1940 until his death in 1945.
Rank: Naik
Unit: 10th. Baluch Regiment, Indian Army
Awarded on: December 19th, 1945
Action: Naik Fazal led an attack on two bunkers on March 2, 1945 near Meiktila in Burma. After he eliminated the first enemy personally he led his man to the second bunker. Suddenly six Japanese appears, wildly swaying with their swords. They touched Fazal in the chest. After he had drawn the sword out of his chest he killed this Japanese with his own sword. After he had eliminated still some enemies with his sword he encouraged his men to follow his example. However, short time later, Naik Fazal died to his wounds.
Details: Fazal Din, no known grave, name on the Rangoon Memorial, Birma.
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Picture source:   - Wikimedia Commons
Information source(s):   - Victoria Cross Reference
- The Register of the Victoria Cross - published by This Engeland 1997 - ISBN 0906324270
- Special thanks to Iain Stewart from The History of the Victoria Cross
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