Name:  Auckland, Ronald James (Service number: 1323055/169582)
Date of birth: January 18th, 1922 (Portsmouth/England, Great Britain)
Date of death:  July 22nd, 2016 (Guildford/England, Great Britain)
Nationality:  British
?: Sergeant;
December 17th, 1943: Pilot officer on probation (emergency);
June 17th, 1944: Pilot Officer;
June 17th, 1944: Flying Officer (war subs.);
December 17th, 1945: Flight Lieutenant (war subs.);
October 21st, 1947: Flying Officer.

June 21st, 1938: Departmental Clerical Class, Admiralty;
?- October 21st, 1952: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserves.
Rank: Pilot Officer
Unit: No. 61 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on: June 9th, 1944
Action: Citation:
"This officer has completed very many sorties, including eleven attacks on the capital of the German Reich. He is an intrepid and skilful pilot whose determination to achieve success has been most commendable. One night in May, 1944, after an attack on Toulouse, his aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire and sustained much damage. The rudder control was severed, the elevator trimming tabs were shot away, the bomb doors could not be closed and the fuselage was
pierced in many places. The aircraft became extremely difficult to control but Pilot Officer Auckland flew it back to this country. He displayed skill, courage and determination of a high order."
Unit: Senior Executive Officer, Ministry of Defence
Awarded on: June 15th, 1974
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Picture source:   - Michael Alliott
Information source(s):   - Memory - International Bomber Command Centre
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