Name:  Angus, John
Date of birth: 1919 (Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire, Great Britain)
Nationality:  Canadian
Service number R153882.
Rank: Flight Sergeant
Unit: No. 15 Squadron, Royal Air Force (No. 15 Squadron, Royal Air Force)
Awarded on: February 18th, 1944
Action: Citation:
"One night in January 1944 this airman was the rear gunner of an aircraft detailed to attack Brunswick. Whilst on the bombing run the aircraft was attacked by a fighter. Some damage was sustained but Flight Sergeant Angus drove off the attacker with accurate bursts of fire. Some fifteen minutes later another fighter attacked. Flight Sergeant Angus engaged the attacker from close range, however, and his telling bursts of fire caused the enemy fighter to burst into flames and fall to the ground where it exploded. This gunners skill and coolness contributed materially to the safe return of the aircraft. He has completed many sorties against well defended targets and his keenness and confidence have set a good example."
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Information source(s):   - Fifth Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 36386 published on the 15 February 1944
- Air Force Association of Canada
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