Name:  Aldwinckle, Robert Morrison
Date of birth: July 28th, 1920 (Besselsleigh/Berkshire, Great Britain)
Date of death:  2003 (Ottawa, Canada)
Nationality:  Canadian
Service number J.5766.

Rank: Flying Officer
Unit: No.162 Squadron, Royal Canadia Air Force
Awarded on: January 1st, 1943
Action: Citation:
"This officer has, by his untiring effort and devotion to duty, assisted in maintaining a high morale in his unit. He has completed 650 hours of operational flying during the past eight months and has on more than one occasion located and assisted in the rescue of survivors of torpedoed vessels."
Rank: F/L (now S/L)
Unit: No.10 (Bomber and Reconnaissance) Squadron
Awarded on: June 8th, 1944
Action: Citation:
"This officer was captain of a VLR (Very Long Range) Liberator when he carried out three well-timed attacks against a strong resisting U-Boat with such accuracy that the enemy submarine was assessed as probably destroyed. Later in the same day in the vicinity of a convoy, he engaged another U-Boat with machine gun fire for over an hour, forcing it to submerge. Flight Lieutenant Aldwinckle, through a long career of many operational flying hours in the North Atlantic area, has met a continuously high standard as a captain and pilot. His initiative and devotion to duty have at all times been exemplary."
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Information source(s):   - Third Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 35842 published on the 29 December 1942
- Second Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 36545 published on the 2 June 1944
- Air Force Association of Canada
- Greenwood Military Aviation Museum
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