Name:  Ainslie, Thomas Edgar Craig
Date of birth: 1917 (Comber/Ontario, Canada)
Nationality:  Canadian
Rank: Acting Flight Lieutenant
Unit: No. 420 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force
Awarded on: December 8th, 1944
Action: Recommendation:
"Flight Lieutenant Ainslie as a Deputy Flight Commander with this squadron has proven himself to be a skilful and capable pilot and an ideal leader of men. His cheerful courage coupled with his skill and thorough knowledge of operations have set a high standard of morale within his section and proven an inspiration to all.
For this officer's fine record of achievement, his endurance and fine offensive spirit it is strongly recommended that he be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross."
Rank: Acting Flight Lieutenant
Awarded on: January 14th, 1945
Action: Recommendation:
"Flight Lieutenant Ainslie has completed one operational tour. As officer in charge of training, he has performed this duty in a highly satisfactory manner and the results obtained by him are worthy of the highest commendation."
Rank: Acting Flight Lieutenant
Awarded on: September 7th, 1945
Action: Citation:
"This officer was an experienced civilian pilot when he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in June 1940, and was at once posted as an elementary instructor at No.7 EFTS, Windsor, where he commenced instructing a month later. Although keenly desirous of going overseas, his value to the air training scheme was so evident that he was retained until February 1943. After a tour of operational duty in Bomber Command, Flight Lieutenant Ainslie was screened from operations. Contrary to a natural desire to accept repatriation, he willingly agreed to remain as officer in charge of training, where his squadron requested and needed his services. In this capacity he has done masterly work in organizing the reception of new crews and in their training to a high standard which he maintained by constant and painstaking perseverance. His ability to impart knowledge, drawn from his own comprehensive experience, and his determination to eradicate the faults in all categories of aircrew have been of signal importance in the perfecting of pilot skill and judgement in the accuracy of bombing and navigation and the proper co-operation of crew members on the ground and in the air."
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Information source(s):   - Fourth Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 36831 published on the 5 December 1944
- Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 37119 published on the 8 June 1945
- Fourth Supplement to The London Gazette Issue 37256 published on the 4 September 1945
- Air Force Association of Canada
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