Name:  Mills-Roberts, Derek
Date of birth: November 23rd, 1908
Date of death:  October 1st, 1980
Nationality:  British
Service number 69334.

Derek Mills-Roberts was educated at Liverpool College and Oxford University. After graduation, he worked for his father's firm of solicitors. In 1936 he joined Supplementary Reserve of Officers, Irish Guards.
He served in Norway but transferred to special services No 4 Commando in 1942.
Mills-Roberts took part in Dieppe Raid in August 1942.
In early January 1943, Mills-Roberts arrived from the United Kingdom in North Africa during Operation Torch to take over No. 6 Commando and he was in command when on 26 February 1943 they were involved in bitter fighting against two battalions of German parachute infantry with armoured support which attacked their position as part of a attempt to encircle the 1st Army by cutting the Medjez road.
After returning from North Africa, No. 6 Commando became part of the 1st Special Service Brigade, commanded by Brigadier The Lord Lovat.
Mid June 1944 in Normandy, Mills-Roberts, although wounded himself, was asked to take over from The Lord Lovat who was badly wounded.
in January 1945, the brigade—which had been renamed the 1st Commando Brigade in late 1944, still under the command of Brigadier Derek Mills-Roberts, crossed the English Channel by sea and landed in Holland from where they were deployed to Asten on the Maas
In May 1945 he accepted the surrender of Field Marshal Erhard Milch at Neustadt, May 1945
Derek Mills-Roberts retired from the Army in 1945 but commanded 125 Infantry Brigade, Territorial Army, 1947-1951.
Rank: Lieutenant (temporary Captain) (acting Major)
Unit: Irish Guards
Awarded on: October 2nd, 1942
Action: Recommendation:
"Major Mills Roberts commanded the Force which landed on Orange Beach 1. with the important task of getting 9 inch mortars up an extremely difficult beach exit to bring fire to bear on the heavy coast defence Battery position. In this he was completely successful. After completing this task Major Mills Roberts went forward with 6 marksmen to the edge of the enemy defences and engaged the battery frontally with small arms fire. Major Mills Roberts himself killed a great number of the German gun crews with accurate sniping fire. After the final assault on the Battery position, Major Mills Roberts went forward with his runner to contact Commando Head-Quarters at great personal risk as the snipers were extremely active in the surrounding undergrowth and enemy mortars were ranging on the road. Throughout the action Major Mills Roberts displayed faultless leadership and complete disregard of danger which were an inspiration to all."
Rank: Major (temporary Lieutenant-Colonel)
Unit: Irish Guards (attached to Special Service Troops)
Awarded on: April 22nd, 1943
Action: Citation:
"On 26 February, VI Commando had just arrived in a wooded mountainous area North of Bou Arada for the purpose of patrolling the area. At dawn the unit was suddenly attacked by a superior German force later supported by tanks. Throughout the operation this officer handled his command, in face of superior numbers, with great skill and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy; later after his unit had been forced to withdraw, and became scattered in the broken mountainous country, he searched the area at great personal risk to collect wounded. During the whole of the operation this officer showed great courage and determination and was an inspiration to his unit."
Rank: Brigadier (temporary)
Unit: Irish Guards
Awarded on: June 21st, 1945
Details: Second DSO awarded as a bar for on the ribbon of the first DSO.
CROIX DE GUERRE (1939-1945)
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