Name:  Allard, Geoffrey (Service number: 563859 (NCO) / 44551 (Officer))
Date of birth: August 20th, 1912 (York/England, Great-Britain)
Date of death:  March 13th, 1941 (Mill Field Lay/England, Great-Britain)
Buried on:  Commonwealth War Graves Saffron Walden Cemetery
Plot: 40.  Grave: 9.
Nationality:  British
Geoffrey Allard was born August 20th, 1912, the son of Sydney Harold Allard and Elizabeth Allard-Higgins. In 1937 he married Kathleen Minnie Ross. During the battle for France, he scored eight victories in the air. During the Battle of Britain he scored another eight victories between August 24th en September 1st, 1940. He was credited with a total of 19 kills, five shared and two probable.
On March 13th, 1941, he took Douglas Havoc BJ500 from R.A.F. Debden to R.A.F. Ford, together with Pilot Officer Francis "Frank" Walker-Smith. Just before take off, Pilot Officer William Henry "Ace" Hodgson joined them. In flight, an inspection hatch of the armament came loose and hit the rudder. This caused the airplane to crash, killing all those inside.

?: LAC Mechanic;
1937: Sergeant Pilot;
August 17th, 1940: Flight Sergeant (seniority August 15th, 1940);
?: Pilot Officer;
December 6th, 1940: Flying Officer.

1929: Apprentice RAF Halton, Royal Air Force;
1937: No. 87 Squadron;
June 1938: No. 85 Squadron.
Rank: Sergeant
Awarded on: May 31st, 1940
Action: Citation:
"This airman has shown outstanding flying ability and at all times his coolness and confidence have assisted all pilots who have flown with him. He has been largely responsible for keeping up the high morale
and fighting ability of his section. Altogether in his combats during recent days he has destroyed four enemy aircraft. Without exception he has pressed home his attack with outstanding courage which has been a fine example to his section".
Rank: Sergeant
Awarded on: September 13th, 1940
Details: Second DFM received as a bar for on the ribbon of the first DFM.
Rank: Pilot Officer
Awarded on: October 8th, 1940
Action: Citation:
"Between 30th August and 1st September 1940, this officer destroyed seven enemy aircraft; previously he had destroyed ten and shared in the destruction of others. He has displayed outstanding skill and courage in combat against the enemy".
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