Name:  Allen, Gerald William
Date of birth: Unknown
Nationality:  Canadian
Rank: Private
Unit: Headquarters 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division (Headquarters 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division)
Action: Recommendation:
Private Allen was posted to Headquarters 4 Canadian Infantry Brigade early in the campaign in Europe. He was employed as runner for the operations staff from then until the cessation of hostilities. Among other duties this involved being able to contact all members of the staff and representatives of supporting arms at any time without delay. Allen made a point of doing this. He took pride in his ability to do so, to anticipate requirements and to get his job done quickly and well whether it appeared trivial or important. During the winter months in the operations near Nijmegen and Groesbeek this usually involved long hours and a great deal of work in darkness and winter rain broken by periods of intermittent shelling and sniping. In the operation in Beveland and the advance into Holland to Groningen his work was carried out in a series of new and unfamiliar locations combined with constantly changing individuals representing the supporting arms.
Private Allen's ability to do all that was required of him without being told, his ready willingness to help the other fellow, his pleasing personality and his devotion to duty have earned him the admiration and respect of all officers and men with whom he worked.
Details: The Canada Gazette, 22 December,1945.
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Information source(s):   - National Defence and the Canadian Forces
- The Dutch Medals Page
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