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Recipients of award with the Canadian nationality
Number of persons from Canada in the database: 1182

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Fallon, Francis Charles
Falloon, Hugh Philip
Farmer, George Richard Devey
Farquharson, Donald Gordon Joubert
Farquharson, John Ernest
Faulkner, George Vermilyea
Fauquier, John Emilius
Fawcett, George Malcolm
Faye, Thomas de
Fee, Clarke John
Femia, Salvatore Val
Ferguson, John Alexander
Field, Norman George Victor
Finlayson, Douglas Malcolm
Firlotte, Wallace Edmond
Fisher, Keith Herman
Fisher, Robert Frank
Fitz-Gibbon, Maurice Archibald
Fitzgerald, Gerald William
Fitzpatrick, Hugh Morris
Flannery, John Francis
Fleck, William Paul
Fleming, Mervyn Matthew
Fletcher, Andrew William
Fletcher, John Palmer
Floody, Clarke Wallace Chant "Wally"
Flowers, John Robert
Foote, John Weir
Forbes, Jacques Jean-Charles "Charly"
Forbes, John Brooke "Jack"
Forbes, Robert Borden
Ford, Charles George "Chuck"
Ford, Leslie Sydney "Sid"
Foster, Harry Wickwire
Foster, Herbert Ernest
Foster, Raymond Donald
Foster, William Peter
Foulkes, Charles
Fox, Gardie William
Foy, Willy
Frank, Murray Arthur
Fraser, Charles Birnie
Fraser, Robin Bothwell
Freeland, Harry
Friyia, Joseph Christopher
Friyia, Joseph Christopher "Joe"
Frizzell, Hazen Thomas
Froggett, Elbert Louis
Frost, Alfred Leo
Frost, Ernest Ralph Clyde
Frost, Reginald William
Fullen, James
Fulton, John "Moose"
Fulton, Lockhart Ross "Lochie"
Fumerton, Robert Carl "Moose"
Funk, Jacob Klippenstein
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