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Recipients of award with the Canadian nationality
Number of persons from Canada in the database: 1172

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Cabeldu, Frederick Norman
Caine, John Todd
Calow, Thomas Arthur
Cameron, John Allan
Campbell, Arthur William
Campbell, John Allan
Campbell, Joseph William
Campbell, Robert McNeil
Campion, George Alexander
Capelle, William Abram
Cardinal, Barrie Phillip
Cardy, William Harry
Carey, Rex
Carlon, Thomas Edward
Caron, Roger
Carrière, Jean Charles
Carsley, Cecil Frank
Carson, Frederick Lyall
Carter, Charles Murray
Carter, Thomas LeMesurier
Cartmell, James Henry
Casey, Frank Thomas Leslie
Caya, George Louis
Chadburn, Lloyd Vernon "Chad"
Chaffey, Charles Donald
Challice, Clifford Lloyd
Chambers, Alan
Champlain, Joseph Paul Emile de
Chance, Peter Goodwin
Chandler, Thomas Francis
Chaplin, Harold Roe
Chapman, Garbut
Chappell, Edward William
Charles, Edward Francis John "Jack"
Chater, Hartley Ernest
Chaulk, Walter
Cherry, Frank Arthur
Chicoski, William
Chretien, George Theodore
Christian, Alexander Sutherland
Christianson, Chris Zane Robert
Christie, George Patterson "Pat"
Christie, James Oliver
Christmas, Bev
Churchill, Joseph Ronald
Churchill, Rae Edward
Cibbs, Eric Leon
Clancy, John Anthony
Clare, David Wesley
Clark, George Stanley
Clark, Reginald Percival "Slug"
Clark, Samuel Findlay
Clarke, Denis Montague
Clarke, Lewis Gordon
Clarry, John Hamilton Cameron
Clermont, Justin Gerard
Cochran, Francis Eric
Cochrane, Arthur Charles
Cochrane, Homer Powell "Cockers"
Codlin, William Thomas
Coffey, Jesse Ray
Coldron, George Edward Cragg
Cole, Edward Frederick
Coleman, John Ronald
Coleman, Rowan Corry
Collishaw, Raymond
Conde, John Alexander Harcourt "Jack"
Connor, Clare Arthur Hovendon
Conochie, William Charles
Conway, John James
Conway, Victor George Henry
Cooke, Jackson Chartis
Coombe, Edwin George
Cooper, Norman
Cooper, Percy Stewart
Corbett, John Harper
Corbett, Vaughan Bowerman
Corlick, A.
Cormack, Eric Wyld
Corrigan, John Francis
Cosens, Aubrey
Counsell, John Gibbons
Cousins, Sidney John
Coveyduck, Walter Richard
Cowan, Leonard Elliot
Cowan, Rex
Cowan, William James Henry
Cox, Graydon Otto
Crabe, William Eugene
Craig, John Archibald Douglas
Craigen, Thomas
Cramer, Lawrence George
Cranston, Frederick William
Crerar, Henry Duncan Graham "Harry"
Crockett, Clarence Kenneth
Crofton, Desmond Gerald
Crozier, David MacLeod
Crozier, Gordon Cecil
Cuddie, Lloyd William
Culling, John William
Cunningham, Douglas Gordon "Ben"
Currie, David Vivian
Currie, John McGill
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