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Recipients of award with the American nationality
Number of persons from United States in the database: 11902

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Cabell, John Bredkenridge
Cabrel, Herman
Cabrera, Gregorio Camacho
Cadden, Patrick, F.
Caddy, William Robert
Cadien, Walter B.
Cady, Joseph
Caffey, John Franklin
Cagle, Malcolm W.
Cahill, Robert Buel
Cahill, William, J.
Cahoon, Gomez B.
Cahoon, Pat
Cail, Elden H.
Cain, Clement, J.
Cain, James F.
Cain, Jesse D.
Cain, Louis R. Jr.
Caldwell, David Clark
Caldwell, Frank C.
Caldwell, George J.
Caldwell, Henry Howard
Caldwell, Richard Wayland
Caldwell, Robert H., Jr.
Caldwell, Turner F., Jr.
Calhoun, Harvey F.
Call, Thomas W.
Call, William J. "Bill"
Callaghan, Daniel Judson
Callahan, James W.
Callahan, John R.
Callahan, Joseph P.
Callahan, Joseph William
Callahan, Robert
Callahan, Robert E. "Bob"
Callanan, David W.
Callaway, Howard E.
Callaway, Ralph L.
Callen, James T.
Calugas, Jose
Calvin, Frank C.
Cameron, Alexander
Cameron, Curtis Leroy
Cameron, Millard
Caminiti, Harry W.
Camm, Frank
Cammack, Osborn "Bud"
Camp, Cecil A.
Camp, Jean Lewis
Camp, Seaborn S.
Camp,Thomas, H.
Campagna, Ralph
Campas, James G.
Campbell, Albert
Campbell, Ardell G.
Campbell, Clarence George, Jr.
Campbell, Clayton J.
Campbell, Clifford Morgan
Campbell, Colin
Campbell, Ernest, J.
Campbell, Frank McHugh
Campbell, George Marvin
Campbell, George W.
Campbell, Grafton Blair
Campbell, James A., Sr.
Campbell, James E.
Campbell, John J. (US-121st INF)
Campbell, John, Jr. (134th Infantry Regiment)
Campbell, Kendall C.
Campbell, Lucius D.
Campbell, Mason E.
Campbell, Reece A.
Campbell, Richard, E.
Campbell, Robert H.
Campbell, Robert Keith
Campbell, Russell "Pop"
Campbell, Thomas Mitchell
Campbell, Truman Frederick
Campbell, Warren, G.
Campbell, William A.
Campion, Kenneth O.
Canatsey, Lawrence, D.
Candler, Harry W.
Canejo, Lionel A.
Canfield, Clayton M.
Canham, Charles Draper William
Cann, Charles E.
Cannata, James, A.
Cannizzaro, Francis R.
Cannon, George Ham
Cannon, Odell E.
Cano, Percy R.
Canoy, Junior, G.
Canter, Walter H.
Canterbury, Richard W.
Cantoni, John, Louis
Cantrel, William August
Cantrell, Fred H.
Cantrell, Lewis, F.
Cantwell, Thomas J.
Capano, Patsy
Cape, John Jarvis, Junior
Capehart, Cecil
Capito, John E.
Caple, Dale
Capozi, Angelo R.
Capozi, Louis Joseph
Capozzi, Joseph, Jr.
Capozzoli, Nicholas
Cappadona, Peter R.
Cappoletti, Lawrence
Capps, Arlin George
Caprioni, Caetano, P.
Capron, Jan
Capuzzo, Arthur
Carberry, William J.
Card, Eugene Tinsley
Carder, John, W.
Cardone, Guierino A.
Cardullo, Everett P.
Cardwell, Ross
Carew, John J.
Carey, Alvin P.
Carey, Charles F., Jr.
Carey, Daniel W.
Carey, John Frank
Carick, Albert
Carico, Hugh V.
Carinder, George E.
Carl, Marion Eugene
Carlen, Kenneth L.
Carlisi, Salvatore
Carlisle, Joseph E.
Carlisle, Ross W.
Carlon, Kenneth Eugene
Carlson, Alfred M.
Carlson, Edwin H.
Carlson, Evans Fordyce
Carlson, Franklin E.
Carlson, Kenneth R.
Carlson, Niles A. A.
Carlson, Robert M.
Carlson, Roland P.
Carlson, Royal D.
Carlson, Sivert J.
Carlton, Ted Joseph
Carmichael, Hugh A.
Carmichael, Joseph R., Jr.
Carmichael, Robert
Carnes, Ross S., Jr.
Carney, Robert Bostwick
Caroccia, Nicholas
Carothers, John W.
Carp, Albert A.
Carpenter, Claude A.
Carpenter, Frank J.
Carpenter, Marshall R.
Carpenter, William Richard "Pawnee Bill"
Carr, Chris
Carr, George Raines
Carr, Grady Calvin
Carr, Oliver B. Jr., "O.B."
Carr, Paul H.
Carr, Reuben A.
Carr, Wilson Raiford
Carrier, John S.
Carriere, Raymond
Carroll, Gale
Carroll, Merle Ray
Carroll, Phillip H.
Carroll, Wells Worth
Carroll, William A.
Carruth, James E.
Carson, Charles, D.
Carson, D.A.
Carson, Harley E.
Carson, Joseph Malcolm
Carson, Lewis W.
Carson, Virgil B.
Carson, William L.
Carstedt, Keith M.
Carstensen, William H.
Carswell, Horace S. Jr.
Carter, Allan B.
Carter, Andrew J., Jr.
Carter, David Lewis
Carter, David V.
Carter, Edward, A. Jr.
Carter, Grayson B.
Carter, Henry G.
Carter, James D.
Carter, James R.
Carter, James, S.
Carter, John Warren
Carter, Melvin Reed
Carter, Norman L.
Carter. Le Roy B.
Carttar, Donald M.
Carver, Lamar P.
Carver,Jessie,C. Jr.
Casamento, Anthony
Case, Leo B.
Case, Norris B.
Case, Victor L.
Casey, Alfred G.
Casey, Bruce M.
Casey, Charlie L.
Casey, Daniel F.
Casey, Jay Russell
Casner, Harry F.
Casner, Leeta L., Jr.
Cason, Oscar W.
Casper, Lawrence F.
Cassedy, Hiram
Cassetti, David B.
Cassidy, Fred J.
Cassidy, Patrick J.
Casson, George Asher
Castano, Frank F.
Castanzo, Joseph C.
Casteel, Frank
Castello, Maurice Virgil
Castle, Donald H.
Castle, Frederick Walker
Castle, Noel Oker
Castle, William R.
Cates, Clifton Bledsoe
Cates, William Finnie
Cathey, Gilbert Eugene
Cathey, John W.
Catlett, Charles R.
Catlin, William, A.
Catrell, Frederick A.
Cavallaro, Salvatore J.
Cavenagh, Robert W.
Cavenee, Ray E.
Cearley, G. B.
Ceballos, John "Poncho"
Cecil, Charles Purcell
Cecka, James T.
Ceckowski, Francis Anthony
Ceffalo, John
Celentano, Frank W.
Censulllo, Sylvio
Cerrato, Rocco F.
Certain, Johnnie, C.
Cervenka, Cyril S.
Cesino, Pasquale
Cevoli, Richard L.
Ceynowa, Paul P.
Chaffe, Robert Downing
Chaffee, Davis Elliott
Chaffee, Ira M.
Chaffin, Bradford W., Jr.
Chafin, Harry C.
Chaisson, James J., Jr.
Chalgren, Edward, Jr.
Chalk, Melford, E.
Chamberlin, Elesworth B.
Chamberlin, John C. "Jack"
Chamberlin, William C. "Bill"
Chambers, David, C.
Chambers, Doyle A.
Chambers, Jerome B.
Chambers, John Barry
Chambers, John Sheeve
Chambers, Justice Marion
Chambers, Leslie Morris, Jr.
Chambers, Ogle, F.
Chambers, Ralph W.
Champ, Raymond, A.
Champagne, Joseph D.R.
Champeny, Arthur Seymour
Champlin, Malcolm McGreor
Champlin, Norman David
Chandler, Francis W.
Chandler, Jacob "Jake"
Chandler, Robert K.
Chandler, Theodore Edson
Chaney, Boulden O.
Chann, Nicholas
Chanofsky, Nathan
Chapin, Neil M.
Chapin, Robert W.
Chaplinski, Charles W.
Chapman, Clarence R.
Chapman, Edmond, R.
Chapman, James T.
Chapman, John H., Jr.
Chapman, Lawrence J.
Chapman, Melvin Leroy
Chapman, Robert J.
Chapman, William E.
Chappell, Elmo L.
Chappell, Lucius H.
Chapple, Wreford Goss
Chappuis, Steve Archie "Silent Steve"
Charlton, Jason T.
Charpentier, Donald A.
Charpentier, Roger E.
Chase, Charles B.
Chase, Charles Henry
Chase, Gordon Percival
Chase, Herbert A.
Chase, William Curtis
Chatell, Harold J.
Chatfield, Henry H.
Chatfield, Keith G.
Chatoian, Edward B.
Chauvel, Arthur L.
Chavet, William J.
Chavez, Daniel
Chavez, Ernesto A.
Chavez, Phillip G.
Cheadle, Henry B.
Cheatham, Robert R.
Check, Leonard Joseph
Cheek, Andrew Roy
Cheek, Marion Case
Cheek, Tom F.
Cheever, Francis L.
Cheli, Ralph
Cherry, Joe W.
Chesley, Berkley, L. R.
Chesna, Julius
Cheves, Wallace R.
Chiappetta, John A.
Chiarelli, Peter F.
Chickering, Howell D.
Childers, Ernest "Red Eagle"
Childers, Vester J.
Chilson, Llewellyn M.
Chin, Arthur
Chiodo, Michael Angelo
Chisolm, Robert E.
Chittenden, James C.
Choate, Clyde L.
Choate, James, L.
Choimer, Laurent, F.
Chojnowski, Walter
Chop, Metro
Choy, Jacob C. K.
Chriske, Heinz H.
Christ, George E., Jr.
Christel, George A.
Christensen, Dale Eldon
Christensen, Donald, E.
Christensen, George E.
Christensen, Jerome, Jr.
Christensen, Wheatley Theordore
Christensen, Wilbur Neal
Christian, Cliffond Luther
Christian, Herbert F.
Christiansen, John S.
Christiansen, LaVerne J.
Christie, Alexander Albert
Christie, Ellies C.
Christie, William F.
Christman, Elwyn Lewis
Christopher, Harold J.
Christopher, Thomas Aloysius
Christy, Albert M.
Chung-Hoon, Gordon Pai'ea
Chunyo, Alexander, A.
Church, John R.
Church, Lenvil Urias
Churchill, James R.
Cianfichi, Americo
Cicchetti, Joseph J.
Ciganick, Joseph M.
Circelli, Frank J.
Civitillo, Ralph Joseph
Clabaugh, Robert H.
Cladin, Lewis
Claggett, Bladen Dulaney
Claing, Joseph L. P. G.
Clainos, Peter D.
Clamon, Gerald
Clancy, Robert Lawrence
Clancy, Thomas J., Jr.
Clapp, Charles H.
Clapp, Edgar W.
Clapp, Edward Sylvester
Clarey, Bernard A.
Clark, Beryl Lowell
Clark, Carlton Howard
Clark, Charles Robert, Jr.
Clark, Dewey, H.
Clark, Douglas A.
Clark, Eugene F.
Clark, Francis J.
Clark, Fred J., Jr.
Clark, George Pierce
Clark, Gilbert J.
Clark, Harold Jr.
Clark, Harold W.
Clark, Henry Eugene
Clark, Herbert, W.
Clark, James Duane
Clark, Joseph James
Clark, Lawrence Arthur
Clark, Mark Wayne
Clark, Max
Clark, Paul Leaman
Clark, Raphael D.
Clark, Rex D.
Clark, Robert Booth
Clark, Robert, M.
Clark, Robert, W.
Clark, Samuel T.
Clark, Warren J. (US-12th INF)
Clark, Warren James
Clark, William A.
Clark,Thomas,V. Jr.
Clarke, Bruce Cooper
Clarke, James A.
Clarke, James F.
Clarke, John M.
Clarke, John, W., Sr.
Clarke, Robert Cleminson
Clarke, Thomas E.
Clarke, Thomas, G.
Clarkson, David B.
Clarkson, Percy William
Clawson, Harry Allen
Clay, Lloyd E.
Clay, Roscoe R.
Clay, Willard L.
Claymore, Grant W.
Claypool, James G.
Clayton, Arthur H.
Cleary, James T.
Cleland, Arthur, B.
Cleland, Cook
Clement, William Tardy
Clementson, Merrill K.
Clemmer, Frank, H.
Clemmons, Clarence, E.
Clemons, Cainie J.
Cleveland, Irving
Clevenger, Arthur, C.
Clevenger, Thomas K.
Cliett, Robert L.
Cliff, John C.
Clifford Jr., William
Clifford, Harold A.
Clifford, John Kingdom
Clifford, Joseph C.
Clift, Jack T.
Cline, George W.
Cline, Nelson S.
Clingan, Alfred
Clinton, Robert J.
Clive, Richard Howard
Clogston, William M.
Cloonan, Edward A., Jr.
Close, Bertrand James
Close, Richard L.
Close, Winder Lane
Clough, Cameron A.
Co, Zina, C.
Coady, James J.
Coakley, Frank, C
Coakley, Leo G.
Coates, Charles F.
Coates, Thomas, R.
Coats, Robert Charles "Bob"
Cobb, Donald, C.
Cobb, Irwin, J.
Cobb, James O.
Cobb, John
Cobb, Philip Walker
Cobb, Robert B.
Cobber, Roy, E., Sr.
Coburn, Perry
Cocannouer, Raymond O.
Cochenour, James A.
Cochran, Clarence B.
Cochran, Ernest Henry
Cochran, Jack Cowan
Cochran, John H.
Cockrell, Alvin Chester, Jr.
Codrea, George
Cody, Doyle
Cody, Willard E.
Coe, James Wiggins
Coen, Edward
Coffee, Dovle Murray
Coffield, Ralph E.
Coffin, Albert Peyton
Coffman, Eugene
Coffman, Ralph S.
Cogan, Earl T.
Coghlan, Thomas J.
Cogozzo, Ludovic P.
Cohen, George, J.
Cohen, Irving, L.
Cohen, Samuel D.
Coker, James T.
Coker, Vaudry Quinton
Cokinos, Mike P.
Coladonato, Thomas
Colalillo, Mike
Colby, Bevan W., Jr.
Colcord, Herbert N., Jr.
Cole, Arthur Paul
Cole, Clarence, L.
Cole, Cyrus Churchill
Cole, Darrell Samuel
Cole, George A.
Cole, John Sanford
Cole, Robert
Cole, Robert George
Cole, Robert W.
Cole, Warren, E.
Cole, William M.
Coleman, Earl A. "Pappy"
Coleman, Edward James
Coleman, Idus F.
Coleman, Karl B.
Coleman, Robert Louis
Coleman, Thaddeus T., Jr.
Coleman, Therman E.
Coleman, William E.
Coleman, William, B
Coles, James W. "Red"
Coleton, John M., Jr.
Coley, L.E.
Coley, Lewis E.
Colgan, William Winfield
Colishion, Peter L.
Collette, Jack M.
Colley, Raymond W.
Collier, Garland Woodrow "Tex"
Collier, John H.
Collier, John T.
Collingnon, Francis, X.
Collins, Arthur S., Jr.
Collins, Cecil B.
Collins, Clark
Collins, Dennis
Collins, Earl
Collins, Francis J.
Collins, Gerald E.
Collins, James, F.
Collins, Jimmie D., III
Collins, Joseph Lawton "Lightning Joe"
Collins, Patrick C.
Collins, Raymond H.
Collins, Roland H.
Collins, Ross Thomas
Collins, Roy
Collins, Victor, E.
Collins, William James
Collins, William Magill, Jr.
Collins, William Neil
Collis, Harold Jay
Collo, Frank P.
Colosacco, Ernest H.
Colson, Charles F.
Colucci, Joseph V.
Colvin, Ansel M.
Combs, John E.
Combs, Pat G.
Combs, Rex G.
Comer, Alva G.
Compassi, Marion
Compton, Charles E., Jr.
Compton, Lynn D. "Buck"
Compton, Paul D.
Comstock, Ira K., Jr.
Cona, Angelo M.
Conard, Hughes J.
Conaway, Nevin O.
Condra, Robert B.
Cone, Albertus J.
Cone, James I.
Confer, Herbert E.
Congdon, William G.
Conger, Almon N., Jr.
Conger, Alwyn D.
Conger, Jack Eugene
Conkey, George Lissant
Conklin, Eugene Vincent
Conklin, George E.
Conklin, James Carlton
Conklin, Raymond Foster
Conley, Alva A.
Conley, Carl F.
Conley, Edgar, F.
Conley, Edward J.
Conley, Harry James
Conley, Henry F. (Fred Duane)
Conley, John, W.
Conley, Michael, M.
Conley, Samuel G.
Conley, Thomas Francis, Jr.
Conlon, Joseph M.
Conn, Clyde M.
Conn, Willard Earl
Connally, Clem B.
Connally, David G.
Connell, John W. Jr.
Connelly, John, Jr.
Connelly, Morrell F. "Buck"
Connely, Thomas, P.
Conner, Alfred W.
Conner, Jalett Yarbrough
Conner, Leon Stevens
Conner, R.E.
Conner, Robert E.
Connolley, Joseph E.
Connolly, Bartholomew J., III
Connolly, James, M.
Connor, James P.
Connor, Jimmy
Connor, John J. , Jr.
Connors, Donald, T.
Connors, Gerald Martin
Conoley, Odell M.
Conover, Clayton F.
Conrad, Alfred H.
Conrad, Carl L.
Conron, Carl Edward, Jr.
Conroy, Edward
Conroy, Patrick H.
Conroy, Paul Francis
Conroy, Paul Francis
Conroy, Thomas Joseph
Constable, Stanley, M.
Constantin, Bernice J.
Conti, Anthony J. P.
Conti, Carman J.
Contoldi, Domonick, P.
Converse, Glen E.
Conway, David L.
Conway, Harold
Coogan, John Leslie "Jackie"
Cook, Andrew Fred
Cook, Cecil Lloyd "Sonny"
Cook, Cloyce L.
Cook, Cordelia E.
Cook, Dallas H.
Cook, Earl J.
Cook, Garland B.
Cook, George Carlton
Cook, George E.
Cook, Julian Aaron "Joe"
Cook, Lawrence Blanchard
Cook, Morrill I.Jr.
Cook, Orville M.
Cook, Paul Peniston
Cook, Raymond B.
Cooke, Lionel W.
Cooke, William L.
Coolbaugh, Walter W.
Cooley, Albert Dustin
Cooley, Raymond H.
Coolidge, Charles H.
Coolidge, Joseph B.
Coombs, Richard S.
Coon, Kenneth R.
Coon, Neil, J.
Cooner, Bunyan R.
Cooper, Earl M.
Cooper, George F., Jr.
Cooper, Jacob Elliott
Cooper, James Samuel
Cooper, Joshua W.
Cooper, Merian Caldwell
Cooper, Nathan
Cooper, Paul
Cooper, Robert E.
Cooper, Roy, E.
Cooper, Sam, P.
Cooper, William Goodwin
Cope, Leonard J.
Copeland, Bill
Copeland, Hunter A.
Copeland, James, H.
Copeland, Johnell
Copeland, Robert Witcher
Coppedge, John D.
Corak, Nick
Corales, Richard Henry
Corbin, James O.
Corbin, Ralph P.
Corbus, John
Corcoran, Charles E.
Cordes, Alfred, E.
Cordiner, Douglas L. L.
Corey, Howard G.
Corey, Richard L.
Corkran, Sewell H.
Corl, Harry L.
Corlett, Charles H. "Cowboy Pete"
Corley, Carl A.
Cornbread, Donald
Cornelius, Joseph D.
Cornelius, Marshall J.
Cornell, John C.
Cornell, Stanley Jr.
Cornell, Wallace Gordon
Corner, James W.
Cornia, Charles O.
Corry, Roy A.
Corsetti, J.
Corsi, Albert Joseph
Cortez, Daniel
Cortright, Jay W.
Corzine, Jimmy W.
Cosgrove, John J., Jr.
Cosgrove, Robert Donald
Cosley, Jack
Costa, Joseph F.
Costa, Louis
Costanza, Frank J.
Costanzo, Thomas G.
Costello, Gordon B.
Costello, John J.
Cota, Norman Daniel "Dutch"
Cote, William, A.
Cotrell, Lewis
Cotter, John J.
Cotter, Lloyd H.
Cottingham, Levin B.
Cottingham, Randolph
Cotton, Chandler
Cotton, John W.
Cotton, Rance
Coughlin, John, J.
Coulter, Carleton, Jr.
Coulter, Richard E.
Counts, Donald L.
Counts, Ernest L.
Counts, Warren, G.
Courtemanche, Harry D.
Courtney, Henry Alexius Jr.
Courtney, John, W.
Courtney, William J.
Cousineau, James F.
Cousins, Howard L., Jr.
Cousins, Ralph Wynne
Couts, William L, Jr.
Covington, Delbert L.
Covington, Jack
Cowan, Lynn F.
Cowan, Richard Eller
Cowan, Viven, D.
Coward, Jesse Grant
Cox, David, F.
Cox, George E. (US-760th TANK)
Cox, George Emerson, Jr.
Cox, Henry Oren, Jr.
Cox, James H.
Cox, John Richard, Jr.
Cox, Kenneth, R.
Cox, Ned S.
Cox, Robert C.
Cox, Robert L..
Cox, William Ruffin
Cox, X.B.
Coxon, Wayne, A.
Coye, John S., Jr.
Coyle, James J. "Jim"
Coyle, John J.
Coyle, Michael D.
Coyle, William J.
Coyte, Ralph H.
Crabtree, William H.
Craddock, Roger H.
Craft, Clarence Byrle
Craft, John, W.
Craft, McKinley
Craft, Roy V.
Craig, Clement Melvin
Craig, Dan E.
Craig, Donald Munro
Craig, Edward A.
Craig, Francis Selinger, Jr.
Craig, Fred M.
Craig, Howard, E.
Craig, Jesse George
Craig, John Rich
Craig, John T.
Craig, Orville B.
Craig, Robert
Craig, William D.
Craighill, Robert Rutherford
Crain, Edward L., Jr.
Crain, James Wendell
Crain, Morris E.
Crain, Rice E.
Cram, Jack R.
Cramer, Frederick W.
Crandle, Harvey
Crane Edgar J.
Crane, Clell
Crapser, Stuart Ethelward
Craven, Howard R.
Craw, Demas T.
Crawford, Charles E.
Crawford, Charles W.
Crawford, James Taylor
Crawford, James, H.
Crawford, Joseph B.
Crawford, Kenyon V.
Crawford, William J.
Crawley, Lawrence Noble
Creamer, William E.
Creary, Hal M.
Creasman, Oscar H.
Crecy, Warren Gamaliel Harding
Creech, John A.
Creek, Roy E.
Creel, Bruckner M.
Creger, John B.
Cregg, James L.
Crellin, Conrad Wesley
Cremer, Cornelius V.
Crenshaw, James R., Jr.
Crenshaw, Oscar T.
Cresswell, Leonard B.
Crete, Laureat W.
Crews, John A.
Crews, John R.
Crider, Frederick, F.
Crim, William.L
Crochet, Robert J.
Crocker, John A.
Crocker, John Howard, Jr.
Crocker, Malcolm
Crockett, Vernel E.
Crommelin, Charles Laurence
Crommelin, Richard Gunter
Cromwell, John Philip
Cronk, Jefferson R.
Crookston, John R.
Crookston, Spencer C.
Crosby, John T.
Crosby, Richard B.
Crosby, Wendell
Cross, Charles W.
Cross, Frederick C., Jr.
Cross, Milo J.
Cross, William E.
Crossett, Christopher W.
Crosson, Thomas A.
Croteau, Harold E.
Crotts, Hubert Douglas
Crotty, Charles L.
Crotty, Thomas James Eugene
Crouch, William L.
Crouse, Charlie M.
Crouse, Glen J.
Crouse, John C., Jr.
Crouther, Mark H.
Crow, John W.
Crow, Roger Curtis
Crowder, Herman R., Jr.
Crowe, Henry Pierson "Jim"
Crowe, Wallace, G.
Crowe, William E.
Crowley, Darwin D.
Crowley, Herbert Daniel
Crowley, John D.
Crowningshield, Floyd R.
Crowson, Edward A.
Crowson, Edward R.
Crowton, Robert Frederick
Cruise, Edgar Allen
Crumley, Jerome Charles
Crumpton, Billie Joe
Crusan, Lloyd Edward
Cruz, Raymond
Cruze, Jack D.
Crye, Howard C.
Cuckler, Harold E.
Culbertson, Kenneth M.
Culhane, Edward F.
Cullen, Wilford J.
Culler, William O.
Culp, Wayne R.
Culter, Charles, M.
Culver, George S.
Cumberbatch, Allan B.
Cummings, Damon Morris
Cummings, Daniel L.
Cummings, Joel A.
Cummings, Ralph Waldo
Cummings, Robert L.
Cummins, Lloyd A.
Cunico, Narcissus G.
Cunning, Robert, N.
Cunningham, Daniel Gerald
Cunningham, David V.
Cunningham, Francis L.
Cunningham, Jack K.
Cunningham, Ralph J.
Cunningham, Robert L.
Cunningham, William H.
Cunningham, Winfiesld Scott
Cupka, John L.
Cupp, James N.
Curlett, Raymond J.
Curran, Frank, R.
Curran, James, B.
Curran, Robert Patrick
Curreri, Gerlando, S.
Currey, Francis S.
Currin, Ralph H.
Curry, Louis M.
Curry, Russell Edgar
Curtin, Robert E.
Curtis, Charles, Jr.
Curtis, Chester E.
Curtis, Ned Bigelow
Curtis, Theodore J.
Curtright, Jess Leonard
Curts, Maurice Edwin
Cushing, Stephen Walter
Cushman, Kent Manning
Cushman, Robert Everton, Jr.
Cushman, Robert P.
Cusmano, Edward, J.
Cussans, Thomas L.
Custer, Laurence R.
Cutinke, Eugene Jr.
Cutler, Paul
Cutler, Robert R.
Cutter, Slade Deville
Cutting, Harvey W.
Cyb, Harry, H.
Cymerys, Charles F.
Cyrus, Maultis M.
Czaja, John W.
Czajkowski, John E.
Czinki, John
Czuban, Joseph E.
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