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Recipients of award with the British nationality
Number of persons from United Kingdom in the database: 3337

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Tabuteau, George Grant
Tait, James Brian "Willie"
Talbot, Ellis Edward Arthur Chetwynd
Tallentire, Alexander Gordon
Tan, Boon Cheok
Tatham-Warter, Allison Digby
Tattersall, Hugh Geoffrey Wynne
Taylor, Alistair Lennox
Taylor, Clive Shackleton
Taylor, Dick Manning
Taylor, Donald
Taylor, George Derek
Taylor, Gordon Douglas
Taylor, Harry Forbes McPherson
Taylor, John Stuart
Taylor, Leonard Frederick
Taylor, Lionel Arthur
Taylor, Norman
Taylor, Norman (No. 77 Squadron)
Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, Vernon William Charles
Taylor, William George
Taylor, William Horace
Taylour, Edward Winchester Tollemache
Tedder, Arthur William
Tee, Ronald A.
Temlett, Cyril Bernard
Temple, Charles
Temple, Reginald Robert
Tennant, Thomas Cameron
Terson, George Burke
Theobald, Wilfred Murray
Theobalds, John Arundel
Thomas, Clifford William
Thomas, Donald
Thomas, Henry James "Jim"
Thomas, Henry William
Thomas, Herbert Samuel Griffiths
Thomas, John William
Thomlinson, Benjamin VIncent
Thompson, William Maurice Brought
Thompson, George
Thompson, Jenkin Robert Oswald
Thompson, John Marlow "Tommy"
Thompson, Ronald Norman
Thompson, William Francis Kynaston
Thomson, Andrew John
Thomson, Charles Newbigging
Thomson, George
Thomson, Reginald Gresham
Thomson, Walter Smith
Thorburn, Douglas Glendinning
Thorburn, Joseph Bonaventure
Thorogood, Laurence Arthur
Threakall, George Henry
Tickler, Edward Wells
Tiernan, John
Tillard, Rupert Claude
Tilley, Russell Frederick
Timothy, John
Tinson, S.A.
Tirrell, Thomas Joseph "Jack"
Tofts, Robert Clayton
Tolan, Leslie
Toler, Thomas Ian Jodrell
Tollemache, Anthony Henry Hamilton
Tomkins, Frederick
Tomlinson, Albert
Tomlinson, John
Toogood, Ernest Albert Leslie
Tovey, John Cronyn
Townsend, Albert Eric
Townsend, Christopher George
Townsend, Kenneth Norman Varwell
Townsend, Peter Wooldridge
Townsend, William Clifford
Toyne, William Arthur
Tozer, Jack
Tranter, Arnold Ernest
Treadwell, Kenneth
Tregunno, Sidney James
Trench, Arthur Richard
Trevethick, Leslie
Trevor-Roper, Richard Algenon Dacre
Trigg, Vivian Morgan
Triggs, Kenneth Robert
Trimmer, Charles Donald "Bombo"
Trollope, Frederick Joseph
Trotman, Percival John Povey
Trotobas, Michael Alfred Raymond
Trowhill, William Thomas Norman
Tuckwell, Stephen John
Tufnell, A.W.
Tunna, Norman
Turgel, Philip Raymond
Turkington, Robert Wilkinson
Turnbull, John
Turnbull, Tom Attwell
Turner, Aileen
Turner, Bradwell Talbot
Turner, Francis William
Turner, Geoffrey Gledhill
Turner, George Alexander
Turner, Gerard Llewellyn
Turner, Hanson Victor
Turner, James Gordon Melville
Turner, Percival Stanley
Turner, Reginald Thomas Frederick
Turner, Victor Buller
Turner, William Arthur Scales
Turner, William Henry Nigel
Turney, Ernest Lawson
Turpin, Patrick George
Turrall, Rupert Guy
Turton, Thomas
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