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Number of persons from United Kingdom in the database: 3337

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Packe, Michael St. John
Page, Allen Geoffrey
Page, Ernest Henry John
Page, Michael Stuart "Mike"
Paget, Albert Edward S.L.
Paige, Walter Edward
Pain, Eric John
Pain, Roland Charles
Paine, Reginald
Palliser, Arthur Francis Eric
Palmer, Robert Anthony Maurice
Panter, Stanley Charles
Parbury, Paul
Parish, Ernest George
Parish, Graham Leslie
Park, Albert E.
Parker, Edward Donald
Parker, Eric William
Parker, Frank Barry "Sam"
Parker, James
Parker, Kenneth Bruce
Parkin, Austin Bruce Holmes
Parks, Frederick Thomas
Parks, John Thomas
Parry, Allen James Maule
Parslow, George Charles William
Parsonage, Frank
Parsons, George Alexander
Partridge, Richard Thomas
Pascall, Douglas Charles
Pass, Joseph
Passmore, William Maurice
Paterson, Brian "Blinkers"
Paton, Alexander
Patrick, Kenneth Noble Kerr
Patterson, Charles Elliott Sinclair
Patterson, Ian Norman
Patterson, John Inglis
Patton, George
Paulin, Meredith Jackson
Payne, George Stephen
Payne, Reginald Victor John
payton, michael
Payton-Reid, Robert
Peacey, Montague Neville
Peacock, Edgar Henry William
Peacock, Edwin Cavill
Peacock, Reginald John
Pearce, Arthur George Edward
Pearce, Frederick Laurence
Pearce, Frederick William
Pearce, I.V.
Pearse, Leslie Lewis
Pearson, Alastair Stevenson
Pearson, David
Pearson, Ernest James
Pearson, Hubert Ellis
Pearson, Joan Daphne Mary
Pearson, Roderick Percy
Peel, Nicholas Richard
Peel, Stanley N.
Peglar, Stanley Wilfred
Peile, George Howard
Peirse, Richard Edmund Charles
Pemberton, David Alwyne
Pendrill, George Edward Alfred
Penman, David Jackson
Penman, James Honeyman
Penman, Maurice
Penney, William Ronald Campbell "Ronny"
Pennington, Denis Arthur
Pennington, John Ray
Penrose, Alan
Pepper, Neville Ernest Wetherell
Peppiatt, (since:1941; Sir) Kennet
Percival, Arthur Ernest
Perkins, Richard Marshall
Perrin-Brown, Christopher
Perring, Charles
Perry, George Isaac Charles
Peterkin, Claude Hamilton
Peterkin, William Alexander
Petrie, Christopher Henry
Petrie, Thomas Parker
Petrie-Andrews, John Rushbrooke
Pettit, Cedric Charles
Pettit, Edward Ronald
Pettman, Albert Richard
Peveler, Donald
Philby, Harold Adrian Russell "Kim"
Phillips, A.D.
Phillips, George Chesterman
Phillips, George Haddon
Phillips, James William Bristol
Phillips, Peter Ashley
Phillips, Sidney Albert
Phillips, Stuart William
Phillips, William
Philp, Richard Thomas
Philpot, Oliver Lawrence Spurling
Pickard, Percy Charles
Pickard, Stanley Gilbert
Pickering, Arnold
Pike, David Ivor
Pike, William Jordan
Pilkington, Eric Ernest
Piller, Reginald William George
Pim, Anthony Stanley Mortimer
Pinder, Thomas Arthur
Pine-Coffin, Richard Geoffrey "Wooden Box"
Pinkerton, George Cannon
Pinkney, George
Pipkin, Leonard Charles
Pirie, Donald Anthony
Pirie, William Taylor
Pizey, Collyns Price
Place, Basil Charles Godfrey
Place, Eric T.
Plagis, John Agorastos
Plaskitt, Fred Barker
Platt, Thomas Douglas Laverick
Plear, Dennis Harry Ralph
Pleasants, Russell
Plenderleith, Robert
Plowden, Trevor Orchard Chichele
Plumb, Elizabeth
Pointon, Frank
Pole, Harold
Pollock, Michael "Patrick"
Ponsford, Ian Reginald
Pool, Dudley Stead
Poole, Alfred Raymond
Pope, Percy William Sylvester "Paul"
Portal of Hungerford (1940 Sir) C.
Porteous, Patrick Anthony
Porter, Edward Leach
Porter, John Edward
Portman, Irving
Pott, Herbert
Potter, James William
Poulton, Harry Robert Godfrey
Pound, Dudley
Powdrill, Ernest Arthur "Pedro"
Powell, Fredrick Thomas
Powell, Geoffrey Stewart
Powell, Gerald Keith
Powell, Herbert
Powell, Hubert Charles Sidney "Sandy"
Powell, James Stephen
Powell, Stanley William
Power, Arthur John
Power, William
Pownall, John
Pragnell, Thomas Walter
Pratt, Alec Charles
Pratt, William
Preece, Ivor Ward
Preston, Kenneth Stoddart
Preston, John Chamberlayne
Preston, Robert Edwin
Pretty, Arthur James
Price, Leslie
Price, Samuel
Prince Arthur of Connaught
Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn
Prince George, Duke of Kent
Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester
Pryce, Gordon George
Pryde, David Douglas
Pryor, Ronald William
Pullar, Peter
Pullinger, Carlos Rene
Purchase-Rathbone, William Harry
Purvis, Harry Alexander
Purvis, Victor Davenant
Pyper, James
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