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Recipients of award with the British nationality
Number of persons from United Kingdom in the database: 3747

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Lacey, James Harry "Ginger"
Lacoste, Gerald Auguste Charles
Lacroix, Kenneth Vivian
Lake, Herbert Mallet
Lake, John Roy
Lake, Roy Cyril
Lakomy, Lena
Lamb, Eric George
Lamb, Leonard Sydney
Lambert, Kenneth James
Lambert, Ronald Truzwell
Lamit, Ramasammy
Lamond, William James Melville "Bill"
Lancaster, Owen Felton
Land, William Thomas
Lander, John
Landsdowne, Matthew John
Lane, Charles Malet
Lane, William Arthur
Lang, W.
Langan, Edward
Langford, Eric Joseph
Langman, Victor Michael
Lapper, Kenneth Osborne
Larcher, J.G.
Lathbury, Gerald William "Legs"
Latutin, Simmon
Laurence, George
Laurie, Sir John Emelius
Laurie, William
Law, Henry
Lawrence, Frank Robert
Lawrence, Thomas Edward
Lawrie, James Chisholm
Laws, Adrian Francis
Lawson, John
Lawson, John Charles Arthur Digby
Laycock, John Ernest
Laycock, Robert Edward
Layne, Walter Henry "Wally"
Layton, Sir Geoffrey
Le Gros Clark, Cyril Drummond
Le Patourel, Herbert Wallace
Leach, Alan
Leach, Francis
Leach, John Catterall "Jack"
Leach, John Ernest
Leadbeater, Worrall Reginald
Leah, Emanuel
Learoyd, Roderick Alastair Brook
Leary, David Cooper
Leatham, Ralph
Leathart, James Anthony
Leather, Frederick Brian
Leather, Johnson
Leatherdale, Francis Ridley
Leavesley, Eddie
LeConte, Edgar Francis
Lee, Alfred
Lee, Arthur
Lee, Frederick John Ronald Patrick "Fred"
Lee, Harold Herbert
Lee, John Stephen Grosvenor
Lee, Richard Hugh Anthony "Dickie"
Leeks, Ronald
Leeves, Peter James
Leggate, James Reginald
Legge, Brian Pauncefoote
Legge, John Thomas Edward
Leigh-Mallory, Trafford
Leith, John Wannen Tait
Leith-Marshall, Baroness Swaythling, Jean Marcia
Leland, Francis John
Lemberger, Chil Jonkiel
Lemon, Peter Coplestone
Lennard, Wilfred Arthur
Lenson, George Thomas
Lesslie, Albert Henry
Letchford, Roger
Lett, John Joseph
Lever, Francis Sydney
Levett, Jesse
Lewin, Raymond Mayhew
Lewis, David J.
Lewis, Edgar
Lewis, H.H.
Lewis, Harold James
Lewis, Henry Edward
Lewis, John Albert
Lewis, Kenneth
Lewis, Norman John
Lewis, Pughe Davies
Lewis, Roger Curzon
Lewis, William John
Leyland, Samuel Joseph
Liddell, Ian Oswald
Liddle, Arthur
Lievesley, Harry
Lilley, Ernest Thomas
Lilley, George Thomas
Lilly, Ronald William
Lim, Lau Chao
Lim, Tan Bak
Linde, de, Christen Albert
Lindsay, Louis Edward David
Lines, Ernest Albert
Ling, Robert Stanley
Linnell, Francis John "Jack"
Linton, James Edward Fryer
Linton, John Wallace
Lipscombe, Ernest George
Lister, Frederick Wooldridge
Lister, Norman
Litchfield, Norman Eric
Lithiby, John Stewart
Little, James Hayward
Little, Robert Herbert
Liversidge, William Keith
Livett, George Alfred
Livingstone, James Stuart
Lloyd, Anthony Bertram
Lloyd, Morgan Francis Pryce
Lloyd, Roger Exley
Lloyd, William Eric
Lochead, Leslie Leonard
Lock, Chin Yong
Lock, Eric Stanley
Lockett, John Thomas
Lockett, Peter Joseph
Lockey, Norman
Lockhart, Leslie Keith "Rob"
Lockhart, William Guy
Loder-Symonds, Rovert Guy
Lofthouse, Tom
Loftus, Joseph William Edward
Logan, Frank Alan
Logan, Robert Ancel
Lomas, Harry (No. 10 Squadron)
Lomas, Harry (No. 158 Squadron)
Lomax, Cyril Ernest Napier
Londesbro, John William "Jack"
Long, Donald George
Longhurst, Leonard James
Longley, Rupert Percy
Longman, Robert Charles
Longstaff, Robert
Longton, Denis
Lonon, Frederick Arthur George
Lonsdale, Douglas Herbert Scott
Lonsdale, Richard Thomas Henry "Dickie"
Lord, John Cecil
Lord, John Clifford
Lorne, Thomas
Love, Raymond Charles
Loveday, Douglas Harold
Lovegrove, Hubert
Loveitt, Raymond Herbert
Lovell, Anthony Desmond Joseph
Lovell, Horace Godfrey
Lovell, Peter Wilson
Lovell, Raymond William
Loverseed, John Eric
Lovett, Reginald Eric
Low, John Niven Angus
Lucas, George Emile Gaston
Lucie-Smith, John Alfred
Lunn, John Douglas
Lunt, Stanley
Lushmore, William Arthur
Lyell, Charles Anthony
Lynch, Anthony Ives Hostage
Lyne, Lewis Owen
Lynes, Gavin John
Lynn-Allen, Esmond Harcourt
Lyon, Ivan
Lyons, Emanuel Barnett
Lyttle, Albert
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