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Recipients of award with the British nationality
Number of persons from United Kingdom in the database: 3525

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Fagan, Leslie William Dudley
Fairbairn, Andrew Napier
Falconer, George Fettes
Falconer, Sidney Godfrey
Fancy, John "The Mole"
Fane, Robert Gerald
Farley, Richard John
Farley, Walter Ronald
Farmer, Lewis Frederick George
Farmiloe, Robert Bryce
Farningham, Alexander Ian
Farquhar, Gilbert Blackett
Farr, Alan Samuel
Farr, John Henry
Farran, Roy Alexander
Farrar, Thomas Huntley
Farrell, John
Farthing, Wiliam John
Fasson, Francis Anthony Blair
Fautley, Vera Maude Rose
Fawell, James William
Fearn, Neville
Feist, Wallace James
Fenney, George Henry Johnson
Fenton, George
Fenton, Harold Arthur
Fenwick, Ralph
Ferguson, Donald
Fergusson, David Balfour
Fermor, Brian Frederick
Fern, Gilbert Frederick
Fernandez, Leslie Percival
Fernyhough, George William
Ferrier, Alexander Mitchell
Ferriss, Henry Michael
Fielden, Edward Hedley "Mouse"
Filer, Ernest Francis
Files, George Edward
Finch, Henry Frank
Finch-Noyes, Anthony Keith Ellis
Findlay, Leonard
Findlay, Walter
Finney, William
Firbank, Thomas Joseph
Firth, Charles Leslie
Fish, Leonard
Fisher, Anthony George Anson
Fisher, John
Fisher, Robert Lucius Cary
Fisher, Willy
Fitzpatrick, Michael Benedict
Fleet, Norman Boulton
Fletcher, Robert Stephen Crossley
Fletcher, Walter Edward
Fletcher, William
Fletcher, Wyndham John Stapylton
Flower, Richard Arthur
Flynn, John
Foden, Ezra White
Fokes, Ronald Henry "Ronnie"
Foley, Francis Edward
Foot, Reginald Sydney
Foote, Henry R. Robert Bowreman
Forbes, Athol Stanhope
Forbes, Frederick Alastair
Forbes, John William Seivwright
Forbes, Sir, Charles Morton
Forbes, Viscount Arthur Patrick Hastings
Ford, Douglas
Ford, James
Ford, Spencer George
Forde, Derek Nigel
Forrester, Michael
Forster, Basil Robert William
Forster, Ivy
Foss, George Henry
Foss, Ronald John
Foster, Charles Frederick
Foster, David Kay
Foster, Edward Barwell
Foster, Ronald Charles
Foster, William Arthur "Arthur"
Foster, William George
Fothergill, Eric Ritchie
Fotheringham, Charles
Foulkes, William Allen
Fovafgue, Stephen John
Fovargue, Stephen John
Fowler, Edmund John Roberts
Fowler, Hedley Nevile "Bill"
Fowler, Leslie Gordon
Fox, Leslie Owen
Fox, M.L.
Fox, William
Foxley-Norris, Christopher Neil
Francis, Eric
Francis, William
Frank, Anthony Mutrie
Franklin, William Henry
Franks, Reginald George Serle
Fraser, Bruce Austin
Fraser, David Alexander
Fraser, Douglas Cecil Andrews
Fraser, Ian Edward
Fraser, John Alexander
Fraser, Joseph Frederick
Fraser, Simon Christopher Joseph, 15th Lord Lovat
Fraser, Walter Ian
Fraser, William Lionel
Frazer, Simon R. M.
Freeborn, John Connell
Freeman, Desmond Clayton
Freeman, Lawrence
Freeman, Raymond Alan
French, Edward George Owen
Friendship, Alfred Henry Basil
Frish, Anthony George
Frith, Eric Herbert Cockayne
Frost, John Dutton "Johnny"
Frow, Brian George
Fry, Arthur Ernest
Fulbrook, Albert Bartholomew
Fulford, David
Fuller, George Robert
Fullerton, W.A.
Fulton, G.K.
Furner, Derek Jack
Furness, Christopher
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