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Recipients of award with the British nationality
Number of persons from United Kingdom in the database: 3525

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Cadan, L.L.
Cadell, Maurice Alexander Gordon
Cagienard, Robert-Roland
Caie, Ernest James
Cain, Robert Henry
Cairns, George Albert
Cairns, George Forster
Cairns, Thomas Egbert
Calder, Ronald Reid
Caldwell, Mansfield Richard "Hindenburg"
Calistan, Charles Vivian
Callander, Donald Fraser
Calver, Dennis Desmond John
Calvert, Thomas
Calvert, Wilfred Sylvester
Cambridge, Alexander (1st Earl of Athlone)
Cambridge, George Francis Hugh
Cameron, Donald
Cameron, Duncan
Cameron, Duncan Iain
Cameron, Norman "Jock"
Cameron, Ralph Alverne Cyril
Campbell, Alexander Fraser
Campbell, Alister Henry
Campbell, Duncan
Campbell, John Charles "Jock"
Campbell, John Davies
Campbell, Kenneth
Campbell, Lorne MacLaine
Campbell, Stuart Somerville
Campbell, William Pitcairn
Campion, Michael Patrick
Campling, Eric Frank Knowles
Canning, Oliver
Card, Alan John
Carey, Frank Reginald 'Chota'
Carey, Walter Evan
Cargill, John Ritchie
Cargill, William
Carlisle, Anthony Francis
Carlton, Edward C.
Carr, Jack Theobald
Carr, John Richard
Carr-Lewty, Robet Albert
Carrigan, John William "Jimmy"
Carroll, Francis Leo
Carroll, Michael John
Carruthers, William
Carruthers, William Alan
Carter, Bernard Law
Carter, Charles Binden
Carter, Guy LLoyd
Carter, Robert Alfred Copsey
Carter, Thomas Christopher "Toby"
Carthew, Ronald Harold
Cartwright, Henry
Cartwright, Philip Alexis
Carty, Alfred
Carver, Kenneth Maltby
Casano, Michael Peter
Casbolt, Charles Edward "Cas"
Casdagli, Alexis Theodore
Casson, John
Casson, Lionel Harwood "Buck"
Castle-Hall, Reginald Alfred
Catlin, James Henry
Catto of Cairncatto
Cavanagh, F.
Cawthra, George
Chadwick, Walter Lees
Chalk, William Robert
Challenor, Harold Gordon 'Tanky'
Challoner, Robert
Chamberlain, Eric
Chandler, Alfred Roy
Chandler, Dudley Frederick Hingley
Chandler, Horatio Herbert
Chandler, Richard
Chandler, Thomas Joseph
Chaplin, John Hugh
Chapman, Edward Thomas
Chapman, Leslie
Charlton, Dorian R. W. G.
Charlton, Edward Colquhoun
Charlton, John Roger Owen
Charlton, Ronald Edmund
Charlton, Wilson Hodgson
Charrington, Harold Francis
Charrington, Harold Vincent Spencer
Chase, Frederick John Alliston
Chatterton, George James Stewart
Chatterton, Harry James
Chatwin, Cecil Athos Newcome
Chavasse , Noel Willinc
Chavasse, Kendal George Fleming
Chennell, Lionel Albert
Cheshire, Geoffrey Leonard
Chesswas, Ronald Mervin
Chidson, Montagu Reaney
Chilton, Alec
Chilton, Patrick Charles Stuart
Chipping, Peter James
Chisholm, John
Chisholm, Roderick Aeneas
Christie, James Bertie
Chuck, Herbert George
Church, John "Johnny"
Churchill, Jack
Churchill, John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming "Jack"
Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer
Churchill, Walter Myers
Ciano, Charles Vincent
Clapham, Edward Eric
Clark, Dennis
Clark, Frank Henry
Clark, Ian Patterson
Clark, Percy William
Clark, Sidney
Clark, Sidney Charles
Clarke, Andrew Board Stephenson
Clarke, Arthur Gordon
Clarke, Donald Owen
Clarke, Wallace Arthur
Clarke, Wilwood Alexander Sandys
Clay, Henry Whyman Fisher
Clay, Philip Henry Thornton
Clayton, Bernard William "Bunny"
Clayton, Leslie Sugden
Clayton, Reginald Francis
Cleaver, Richard Frank Wharton
Clegg, Benjamin Beattie "Peter"
Cleminson, James Arthur Stacey
Cliff, Leonard
Clinton, Michael Arthur Denys
Clissold, George William
Close, Frederick MacDonald
Clough, Reginald
Clowes, Arthur Victor
Clutsom, Raymond William
Clyde, William Pancoast "Billy"
Coates, John Gordon
Cobbold of Knebworth, 1st. Baron Cobbold, Cameron
Cochrane, Archibald George Alexander
Cochrane, John Forster
Cockbain, Stephen Legh
Cockburn, John Clayton
Cockburn, Robert Nicol
Cockburn, William Hugh
Codner, Richard Michael Clinton
Coe, A.H.
Coffey, Samuel Patrick
Coffin, Douglas George
Coghlan, John Hunter "Slim"
Cohen, G.M. "Kay"
Cohen, Vincent Oswald
Coke, John Sacheverell A'Deane "Corgi"
Coke, The Honorary, David Arthur
Coker, Alfred John
Colan, Patrick William Coghlan
Coldwell-Horsfall, John Henry
Cole, Anthony Clifford
Cole, John Henry
Cole, Kenneth John
Cole, Robert Bruce
Cole, Victor Lane
Coleman (1957 Sir) Cyril Frederick
Coles, William Edward
Collard, Peter
Collie, Alfred Fettes
Collier, John David Drought
Collingwood, Adrian Redman
Collins, Francis Timothy
Collis, Gordon
Colson, William Alfred "Bill"
Coltart, Richard Evelyn
Colwell, Fred Edmondson
Combe, John Frederick Boyce
Compton, Edward Caesar
Connolly, Stephen John Verdun
Connors, Stanley Dudley Pierce
Constable-Maxwell, Gerald Joseph
Constable-Maxwell, Michael Hugh
Coogan, Thomas Edward
Cook, Archibald
Cook, Ida
Cook, John Thomas
Cook, Louise
Cook, Reginald Thomas
Cooke, Dorrien Cresswel
Cooke, Albert Alexander
Cooke, Charles Alfred
Coombes, John Latham
Coombs, Robert Johnson
Coop, Thomas William
Cooper, Herbert Douglas Haig
Cooper, Albert Eric
Cooper, Astley John
Cooper, Frederick John
Cooper, Gordon Beresford
Cooper, Joseph John
Cooper, Leonard Quentin Tyrell
Cooper, Leslie Donald
Cooper, William Guy Loy
Cope, Jack Edward
Copland, William Oranmore
Copley, John James
Copperwheat, Dennis Arthur
Corbett, Ernest Humphries
Corbin, Harold Arthur
Corder, Charles Clayton
Cork, Arthur George
Cork, Richard John
Corkery, William
Cormeau-Biesterfeld, Beatrice Yvonne
Cornell, Sidney
Cornforth, Harry
Corrie, Thomas William
Corser, Richard George
Costello, Duncan
Costello, John Aston
Coster, John Alfred
Costin, Stanley
Cotter, John
Cotterell, Lester
Cottingham, Leonard "Leo"
Cotton, William Arthur
Cottrell-Hill, Roger Charles
Cotwan, Frank Willoughby John
Couling, Harold Roy "Henry"
Coulson, Stafford Pulleine
Courage, Rafe Edward
Court, Thomas Roger
Courtenay, Richard Lionel
Couser, Robert James
Coutts, John Davie
Couzens, George Walter
Cowap, D.H.
Coward, Charles Joseph "Count of Auschwitz"
Cowden, John Duncan Forbes
Cowell, George Albert
Cowell, Roberta Elizabeth Marshall
Cowham, Arthur Humphrey
Cowley, Andrew Victor
Cowling, Edward Arthur Challoner
Cox, Arthur
Cox, Derrick
Cox, Graham James
Cox, Norman Victor
Coyne, James Anthony Ignatius
Coyne, James Patrick
Crabb, Lionel Kenneth Philip "Buster"
Cracknell, Douglas Aubrey
Cradock, Frederick John
Craft, Alfred James
Cragg, Francis Talbot
Cragg, Stanley Gilbert
Craggs, Harold Telfer
Craig, George Dudley
Craig, John Harper
Cramer, John
Crane, John Frederick Ryder
Cranefield, Knivett Carton
Crankshaw, John Anthony Norman
Cranmer-Byng, John Launcelot
Cranswick, Alec Panton
Craven, D.J.
Crawley, Douglas Edward
Crich, William Ralph "Bill"
Crichton, Leonard Mclean
Cridge, Francis William
Cripps, Ronald Victor
Crisp, John Harris
Crocker, John Tredinnick
Crockett, Douglas Raymond Vernon
Croft, Valentine Dixon
Cromar, Donald
Crook, Basil John France
Crook, David Moore
Crookes, Arthur Norman
Cross, Albert
Cross, Frederick William Tynus
Crossan, John
Crossley, Michael Nicholson "Red Knight"
Crouch, x
Crowhurst, Percy James
Crowther, Ray Kingsley
Cruddas, Ralph Cyril
Cruickshank, John Alexander
Cruickshank, Raymond Alfred
Cruikshank, John William
Crumpton, Rex Arthur
Cruwys, Gerald Herbert
Cullen, Frederick John
Cullen, Reginald George
Cumberlege, Claude Michael Bullstrode "Mike"
Cumming, Arthur Edward
Cumming, Thomas
Cummings, John William
Cunningham, Andrew Browne
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, John "Cat's Eyes"
Cunningham, Wallace "Jock"
Curley, Robert Francis "Bob"
Currant, Christopher Frederick "Bunny"
Currie, George
Currie, Ryves Alexander Mark
Curry, George William
Curtis, Charles
Curtis, Frank James
Curtis, John Alan Bryan
Cussen, O.A.
Cutts, Edward Gersham
Cypher, Herbert Thomas
Czernin, Manfred Maria Edmund Ralph Beckett
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