Name:  1sr Air Transport Squadron
Country:  United States
Category:  Units, branches etc.
Biography:  The 1st Air Transport Squadron was established in 1944. It served in the China Birma Theatre between May 1944 and May 1945 and in the Western Pacific from September 1945 until December 1945. During the Second World War the main aircraft used was the Curtis C-46 "Commando" and the Consolidated C-87. It was disbanded in October 1948. Later it was again instituted.

Commanding Officer WW2:
March 23rd, 1944: Lieutenant Colonel Samuel S. Nuckols
June 30th, 1945: Major Coy L. Waxler;
December 1945 - March 25th, 1946: none (not manned).

March 13th, 1944: Constituted as 1st Air Transport Squadron (Mobile);
March 13th, 1944: Activated;
March 25th, 1946: Inactivated;
October 8th, 1948: Disbanded;
September 1st, 1953: Reconstituted and redesignated as 1st Air Transport Squadron, Medium;
November 18th, 1953: Activated;
September 8th, 1954: Redesignated as 1st Air Transport Squadron Heavy;
January 8th, 1966: Redesignated as 1st Military Airlift Squadron;
June 30th, 1971: Inactivated;
September 12th, 1977: Activated;
July 12th, 1991: Redesignated as 1st Airlift Squadron.

March 23rd, 1944: Caribbean Wing, Air Transport Command;
May 2nd, 1944: India-China Wing (later, India-China Division), Air Transport Command;
May 17th, 1944 - November 20th, 1944: Attached to XX Bomber Command;
November 21st, 1944: XX Bomber Command;
November 1944 - December 1944: Attached to 22 Air Depot Group;
June 20th, 1945: United States Army Forces, Pacific Ocean Areas (later, US Army Strategic Air Forces);
July 31st, 1945: Eighth Air Force;
September 10th, 1945: Okinawa Air Depot;
January 9th, 1946: Far East Air Service Command;
January 15th, 1946 - March 25th, 1946: IV Air Service Area Command;
November 18th, 1953: 1607th Air Base Group;
January 1st, 1954: 1607th Air Transport Group;
January 18th, 1963: 1607th Air Transport Wing;
January 8th, 1966 - June 30th, 1971: 436th Military Airlift Wing;
September 12th, 1977: 89th Military Airlift Wing, Special Mission (later, 89 Military Airlift Group; 89 Military Airlift Wing);
July 12th, 1991: 89th Operations Group.

March 23rd, 1944 - April 21st, 1944: Homestead Army Airfield, Florida;
May 3rd, 1944: Kalaikunda Airfield, India;
June 20th, 1945 - March 25th, 1946: Naha Air Base, Okinawa;
November 18th, 1953 - June 30th, 1971: Dover AFB, Delaware;
September 12th, 1977: Andrews AFB, Maryland.
Awarded on: November 25th, 1944
Action: Received for outstanding work during the period from March to October 1944.
Action: Received for action between June 5th and December 5th, 1944.
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Picture source:   - Wilco Vermeer collection
Information source(s):   - Air Force Historical Research Agency
- Army Commendation
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