Verwundetenabzeichen Condor Legion

Germany (1933-1945, German Reich)

Translation: Condor Legion Wound Badges
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The Spanish Wound Badge (Verwundetenabzeichen Condor Legion) was instituted at 22-05-1939, this to award the German wounded of the Spanish Civil War. The award is identical in design to the WW1 version, except that there is on this award, an at a point standing swastika stamped into the helmet. This award was produced in three variations namely; in black, silver and gold. The exact number of awarded badges during the Spanish Civil War is 183, of which there is 1 silver badge. The other 182 awards that were awarded are of the black version and the gold version wasn’t awarded during the Spanish Civil War. Now was this wound badge also awarded to the troops that fought in Poland and at the Western front until the middle of 1940. From this period onwards, was the standard 1939 wound badge available in great numbers. In this way the Spanish Wound Badge was many thousand times awarded, including many times the golden version. The wound badge was awarded with a standard award document and came in a black box with a cream lining. The badge was worn on the lower left breast pocket.
Verwundetenabzeichen Condor Legion in Schwarz
Wounded Badge Condor Legion in Black
Verwundetenabzeichen Condor Legion in Silber
Wounded Badge Condor Legion in Silver
Verwundetenabzeichen Condor Legion in Gold
Wounded Badge Condor Legion in Gold

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- Wehrmacht Awards
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