1942 China Incident Medal


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Total awarded for WW II: unknown

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The "1942 China Incident Medal" was instituted September 26th, 1942 by Imperial Decree Nr. 658 in commemoration of the battle in China between 1937 en 1945 and was probably meant for Chinese military personnel having fought in Japanese service.
The decree stated that the medal be awarded to those having contributed to the war in China but who were not eligible for the href="http://nl.ww2awards.com/award/49" class="artikel-tekst-klein1" target="_blank">1937 China Incident Medal.
The medal takes the form of a disc made of bronze, 30 mm or 1.2 inch in diameter, depicting the flower of a chrysanthemum displayed on a bed of cherry blossom. The reverse shows the text "China Incident Commemoration Medal" in Japanese.
The ribbon measures 37 mm or 1,4 inch in width with next to each other a blue belt (3 mm, 0.1 inch), a light blue belt (3 mm, 0.1 inch), an ocre yellow belt (7.5 mm, 0,3 inch), a dark pink belt (3,5 mm , 0,13 inch), a bright red belt (2 mm, 0,7 inch), a dark pink belt (3,5 mm , 0,13 inch), an ocre yellow belt (7.5 mm, 0,3 inch), a light blue belt (3 mm, 0.1 inch)and a blue belt, (3 mm, 0.1 inch).

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