Bewährungsabzeichen der Kleinkampfmittel

Germany (1933-1945, German Reich)

Translation: Probationbadge for Small Units
Number of awards in the database: 1
Total awarded for WW II: unknown

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The "Bewährungsabzeichen der Kleinkampfmittel" could be awarded to voluntary military personnel, independently serving in Kleinkampfverbände (small combat units) or to military personnel having been ordered to participate in special missions. To become eligible, one had to be allocated to one of these units for at least two months. It could also be awarded in case an earlier deployment at the front justified a shortening of this two month period. The medal could no longer be worn after having been transferred to a unit, other than a Kleinkampfverband. The medal could also be revoked after having committed a misdemeanour or having shown bad leadership in the performance of a given task. The commander of the unit decided whether the medal should be revoked temporarily or permanently. The medal comes in the form of a sawfish, embroidered in gold on a circular background in blue velvet.

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