Orden Materinskaya Slava


Translation: Order of Maternal Glory
The Order was established July 8th, 1944 and is awarded to mothers for having and rearing children. The Order has three classes, depending on the number of children.
The badge is oval in shape and is suspended from an ornament with a pin at the back. On the obverse is an enamelled ribbon shaped like a knot. The ribbon is white with a blue stripe in the center. On the left of the badge is the figure of a mother, holding a child, behind them is the Red Flag with the inscription -in Cyrillic-: Materinskaja Slava (Maternal Glory) over the Roman numerals I, II or III, designating the class of the Order. On the right is the coat of arms of the Soviet Union, on top of it the Red Star, below that the characters CCCP and at the bottom an image of a hammer and sickle.
Orden Materinskaja Slava 1
Order of Maternal Glory 1st Class
Orden Materinskaja Slava 2
Order of Maternal Glory 2nd Class
Orden Materinskaja Slava 3
Order of Maternal Glory 3rd Class

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Picture source:   - Auke de Vlieger collection
Information source(s):   H.T, Dorling, Ribbons and Medals, Philip, London, 1963.
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