Orden Znak Pocheta


Translation: Order of the Badge of Honor
Number of awards in the database: 6
Total awarded for WW II: unknown

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The decoration was introduced November 25th, 1935. It can be awarded to individual citizens or to collective organizations for outstanding achievements in all aspects of life. In 1936, a slighty larger model was introduced.
The badge is an oval wreath of oak leaves surrounding the figures of a male and female worker. Behind them is the Red Flag bordered by the inscription -in Cyrillic-: 'Proletarii vsekh stran soedinyaites' (Workers of the world, unite). Over their heads is the Red Star with the characters CCCP below. At their feet the inscription -in Cyrillic-: Znak Pocheta (Badge of Honor).
Type 1, the 1935 model has two variations and measures 1.5" high and 1.1" wide; in version 1, the serial number appears to be stamped, in version 2 it is engraved by hand. Type 2, the 1936 model measures 1.8" high and 1.3" wide. There are 5 variations; nr. 1 has no mint mark, the others have mint marks with slight variations. The types 1 and 2 have screwbacks. Type 3 comes in three versions: nr. 1 has a medium sized mint mark, it is slighty smaller in nr. 2 whereas nr. 3 shows the largest. All types have a flat back. The two versions of Type 4 have a hollow back.
The ribbon of types 3 and 4 is cream-coloured bordered by a narrow stripe of light yellow.
December 28th, 1988, this Order was replaced by the Order of Honor; it differs from its predecessor in that the text at the bottom has been replaced by an image of the hammer and sickle.

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Picture source:   - Orders and Medals of the USSR
Information source(s):   H.T, Dorling, Ribbons and Medals, Philip, London, 1963.
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