Narvikschild in Gold

Germany (1933-1945, German Reich)

Translation: Narvikshield in Gold
Number of awards in the database: 16
Total awarded for WW II: 3611

Recipients A-Z
The golden shield is exactly the same as the silver one, but produced in gold. Iron or tin was used for the base material. The golden version was only produced for Kriegsmarine personnel and placed on an oval piece of dark blue cloth. Dependent of the manufacturer, the back could be finished with paper.

The decoration was only awarded to Kriegsmarine personnel that took part in the landing operations near Narvik or the battles of the Kampfgruppe Narvik between April 9th and June 9th 1940.

A total of 3611 golden shields were presented to naval personnel. Of these were 2621 presented to Destroyer sailors, 115 to other Kriegsmarine personnel, 442 to the Merchant Marine, 411 to Kriegsmarine personnel that were killed during the fighting’s and 22 to killed merchant personnel.

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Picture source:   - Wilco Vermeer
Information source(s):   -
- Lexicon der Wehrmacht
- Deutsche Ehrenzeichen
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